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Hi, I’m Clare, the founder of TheHikingAdventure.com. I started this website with the simple mission of helping people plan, pack for and get going on their hiking journey.

altitude treks
Me in Crater Camp, Kilimanjaro

I didn’t always love hiking, but I have always loved adventure. I grew up in the tropical paradise that is the Kenyan coast. As a child, I had multiple adventures, both by myself exploring the beach and the bush around our house – but most importantly on the numerous camping safaris with my parents.

Back then we had no “handheld GPS” or smartphone to keep in touch and upload to Facebook. If we broke down in the middle of nowhere (which we did, plenty of times) it was up to us to get out of there, no calling 911 and having search and rescue help us.

We camped in remote parts of the Kenyan bush, often with Elephants passing through our camp and the odd lion making an appearance.

My late mother was an avid walker. She and my father would go every year on a “camel safari” – a 250km hike through the African bush with camels carrying the camp, fording rivers, lighting fires and sleeping under the stars, with the sounds of the animals.

I did my first major hike in 2005 – whilst camping in the Chyulu Hills with a view of Mt Kilimanjaro, I decided “I’d like to climb that” and 9 months later I did. Back then, there was a dearth of information available – I had very little idea of what to expect, except of course what my tour operator provided.

That trip was a turning point for me and my walking voyage. I loved the high-altitude adventures of Kilimanjaro and the Himalayas, but also the closer-to-home, less vertiginous hikes through pristine bush in New Zealand and well-trodden tracks in the Peak District, England.

The purpose of this website is to share my experiences and be the best resource I wish I had found when I started my hiking adventure.

Please feel free to get in touch with me clare (at) thehikingadventure (dot) com or fill in the form below: (don’t send me spam – yes, you know who you are – it goes to the trash!)

And because I can’t do everything myself, I’m ably assisted by my friends and fellow avid hikers:

Danielle Pacheco

Danielle on the way to Machu Picchu

I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and was lucky enough to have access to limitless hiking in the nearby mountains.  My family went camping and hiking with me from a young age and my aunt and uncle even used to take us climbing on some of the easier mountains.

I started traveling in earnest after graduating from university and decided to tackle one of my bucket-list items, the trek to Machu Picchu.  It was way less intimidating than I had expected and this gave me the courage to expand my horizons when it came to hiking.  Since then I’ve been pushing my boundaries and exploring the world one destination at a time.

Check out Danielle’s articles here.

Casey Fiedler

What Casey doesn’t know about ultralight backpacking, isn’t worth knowing. He’s my go-to for everything “safety” related, any “how to reduce my pack weight” – a qualified Outdoor Educator, and wilderness guide – Casey mostly backpacks with less than 10lb weight. (Something I find almost impossible!).

When he’s not on the trail Casey is a professional outdoor sports writer with a background in alpine skiing and backpacking.

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  1. Great website – as an inveterate gear junkie and long distance trail runner / fastpacker, I’m always on the lookout for decent gear reviews, and yours are sorted. Only problem is that since I’m NZ-based, a lot of your suggestions are not in the shops here…
    Come out and do some more tramps (hikes) out this way – they’re not all as overcrowded as the Tongariro Crossing!

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