best bouldering crash pads

11 Best Bouldering Crash Pads of 2021

A bouldering crash pad is an essential piece of gear that you must have to climb boulders, short or tall. It is the only way to make your fall as safe as it can be. What’s more, there are several options in the market ranging from small supplementary pads to large crash mats. Read more here

12 Best hiking sandals Viakix Cortana sandal

12 Best Hiking Sandals Women with Arch Support

You’re probably searching for a pair of hiking sandals for your next front country day hiking, and not sure where to get started.

We will help you choose the best hiking sandals women with arch support 2021.
So far, we have tried out some of the most popular models on the market and next up are the ones we loved the most when hiking.