Ladies, let’s be honest, life’s too short for uncomfortable hiking sandals, especially ones that treat arch support like an afterthought. As any seasoned hiker can attest, neglecting your arches is a rookie mistake on par with forgetting your bug spray or mistaking poison ivy for a leafy photo op. In this guide, we’re focusing on a game-changer for women hikers – the best hiking sandals with optimal arch support.

Whether you’re crossing rocky ridges, traversing turbulent streams, or simply taking in nature’s beauty, we’ve got you covered. From flat feet to high arches, we’re about to take a deep dive into the best women’s hiking sandals that promise to support every step of your journey.

And once you try hiking sandals, you’ll never go back. Especially in boiling climates, who wants to put on hiking boots when all you want is for your toes to be free?

Jump down to the buying advice for foot types and what to look for.

Best hiking sandals for women

Ultimate Best Women’s Hiking Sandals: Our top choices

Women with high arches need hiking sandals with firm arch support to prevent their arches from collapsing. This can help to reduce pain and fatigue and improve overall stability. Some of the best hiking sandals for women with high arches include:

Next up, are our 12 best womens hiking sandals of choice. Choose the ones you need and check out all the specifications and factors that came together when designing them. In the end, we are sure our comprehensive list will help you get the most suitable sandals for your feet.

Best Hiking Sandals for High Arches:

These sandals all have adjustable straps that provide a secure fit, and they feature moderate to firm arch support that will help to keep your feet aligned and comfortable.

Best Hiking Sandals for Normal Arches

Best Women Hiking Sandals for Low Arches

These sandals all have adjustable straps that provide a secure fit, and they feature moderate to firm arch support that will help to keep your feet aligned and comfortable.

Best Hiking Sandals Women with Normal Arch:

#1 -Teva Original Universal Sandals – Women’s

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal Sport,...

  • Amazon price: $36.91
  • Best for: Multi-sports
  • Adjustable: Velcro Strap
  • Upper: Polyester webbing
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Footbed: REPREVE recycled polyester, EVA footbed foam
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Style Rating: 8/10
See more Teva Universal Sandal colors

So, our top choice for the best women’s hiking sandals article is these amazing Teva Original Universal sport sandals. You can use them as hiking sandals, water shoes, or for a night out when traveling.

To emphasize, as the name says, they really are both Universal and Original! 

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Sand Dune,...

On account of the latest updates to strap color options, we love Teva sandals because their cute design reminds us of the summertime. Together with the comfort and being environmentally friendly, these are some of the best sandals in style and function.

Nevertheless, the only downside we could think of is the heel straps, or in other words, the lack of them. For the most part, we have found that wearing them is pretty straightforward, but walking in them requires readjusting the straps now and then.

But once you factor in cost per wear, they are worth every penny. Our best hiking sandals for women didn’t get this title out anywhere.

Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Dorinda...
Teva Original Universal Sandal- Dorinda Neutral Multi
Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Light...
Teva Original Universal Sandal-Light Multi
Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal, Sand Dune,...
Teva Original Universal Sandal- Sand Dune
A few of our favorite hiking footwear. All of these Teva sandals you can wear from hiking trails to streets. All of these are Teva Original Universal sandals


  • Cute designs and universal cut
  • Long-lasting
  • Adjustable straps for any type of foot
  • Best in hot weather
  • Waterproof


  • The heel needs adjusting now and then
  • Not for wide feet
  • Wet straps can cause chafing

Best Hiking Sandals for Women with High Arches

#2 -Viakix Cortona Sport Sandal

Viakix Walking Sandals Womens: Cute Stylish...
  • Amazon price:
  • Best for: Hiking
  • Adjustable: Both Stretchy textile foot straps and adjustable strap
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Outsoles: Rubber
  • Midsole: Eva foam
  • Style Rating: 9/10

Next is a well-known brand in the sports sandals game – Viakix, with different models. Similarly, we love them because they are high quality, comfortable, and provide great arch support.

The support on the Cortona sandals is amazing for those with plantar fasciitis and for light walks on the trail

Likewise, the EVA foam midsoles offer maximum cushioning and less stress to your feet. In addition, you can customize the fit to your needs by tightening or loosening the ankle strap.

Viakix womens hiking sandal
Viakix offers waterproof hiking sandals with arch support

For these reasons, ViaKix Cortona Sport Sandals ranked high as a quality pair on our list of the best hiking sandals for women with high arches. Especially due to the very high cute factor and comfortable footbed, which we want to point out here.

On the other hand, a possible downside is the soft textile straps don’t firmly secure the feet and may be slippery when wet. For most of us, this isn’t really a problem.

In short, these stylish sandals ended up in second place in our sandals for women’s best-of list.

Viakix Womens Walking Sandals: Cute Stylish Comfy...
Viakix Siena Walking Sandals- Beige

Viakix Womens Walking Sandals: Cute Stylish Comfy...
Viakix Siena Hiking Sandals- Pearl

Viakix Siena Walking Sandals - Ultra Comfortable...
Viakix Siena Sport Sandals- Blue


  • Cool design
  • Supportive sandals
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable


  • Only one adjustable strap

Best Hiking Sandals for Sandy Beaches

#3- Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals – Women’s

Teva Women's Hurricane Drift Sandal, Birch, 8
  • Amazon price: $39.95
  • Best for: Watersports
  • Adjustable: Strap
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Footbed: EVA footbed
  • Width options: Medium
  • Style Rating: 7/10

Did you ever think that classic brands like Teva would make an injection-molded sandal that is light enough to float on water?

On the contrary, we didn’t. As a result, this design really surprised us. These fabulous Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals water sandals for women are designed for a day at the beach, pool and wilderness hikes.

Teva Women's Hurricane Drift Sandal, Cyan Blue, 5

Moreover, we realized that they’re not just for water sports or front-country hikes across streams. They have city style too!

The lightweight and durability of EVA in this performance are outstanding, but to preserve the quality, we suggest you don’t store them in direct sunlight. By the same token, when you aren’t wearing them, don’t leave them outside in high temperatures.

All in all, everyone loves the versatility in these sandals, but one con for us is that these run large and are meant for narrow feet.

But this shouldn’t discourage you. In this situation, make sure you order 1/2 to one full size smaller than you usually wear and have fun when trying out different colors.

Teva Women's Hurricane Drift Sandal, Sage Green, 5Teva womens Hurricane Drift Sandal, Beach Sand, 5...
Teva Women's Hurricane Drift Sandal, Fiery Red, 7Teva Women's Hurricane Drift Sandal, Black/Black,...

Nevertheless, we have to be honest, these might be the best water shoes we have come across so far.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Velcro closure
  • Vegan
  • Fun colors


  • Runs large
  • Only adjusts in the ankle

Best Multiuse Sport Sandals

#4-KEEN Whisper Sandals – Women’s

KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals,...
  • Amazon price:
  • Best for: Hiking, multisports, watersports, wide feet
  • Adjustability: Quick-lace Bungee
  • Type: Closed toe
  • Traction: Rubber
  • Footbed: EVA
  • Width options: Narrow
  • Style Rating: 6/10

Suppose you’re looking for something you can take with you when hiking, trekking, kayaking, backpacking, traveling, gardening, or just camping in hotter climates. In that case, it’s the KEEN Whisper Sandals.

KEEN Whisper Sandals uses Cleansport NXT in their footwear to control the stink. Basically, it’s an odor control process that uses microbes that lay dormant until they detect sweat. Sweat + bacteria on your skin = Stink odors. Once odor is present, the microbes attack the bacteria until they’re gone.

Because these Keen Whisper Sandals are machine washable, they’re easy to maintain and care for. Thus, these dry quickly, thanks to the light and airy nylon mesh and webbing material.

Women crossing steam with water Sandals for women

KEEN water shoes possess excellent traction on slippery trails and sturdiness, which women love when playing in watersports.

However, design is what these closed-toe hiking sandals women lack. But if you ask us, they weren’t even designed to please the eye that much. Similarly, if you have narrow feet, you might find your feet slipping around.

So, with a price of almost $100, it makes you ask yourself, is it worth it?

Pricey, yes, nevertheless, once you set foot into the Keen sandals world, you’ll know the answer. If you prefer a polyurethane midsole and lighter hybrid sport sandal, we also recommend KEEN Clearwater CNX.

Basically, for us, this hiking water sandal is a definite yes!


  • Odor proof
  • Waterproof
  • Velcro closure
  • Comfortable
  • Fun colors


  • Pricey
  • Not available in wide

Best Hiking Sandal for Flat Feet

#5 -Chaco Lowdown Sandals 2 Sandals

Chaco Women's Lowdown 2 Sandal, Black, 7
  • Amazon price: $49.94
  • Best for: Hiking. low arches or flat feet
  • Adjustability: Z- Strap, ladder-lock
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: Rubber outsole
  • Footbed: EVA and LUVSEAT?
  • Width options: Wide
  • Style Rating: 8/10

These Chaco Lowdown sandals are not like the classics, and here is why: Because they’re perfect for a flat foot! Therefore, if you have plantar fasciitis or the primary cause of heel pain, general foot pain, or other foot conditions, you might consider these.

Whether you’re hiking or backpacking, Chaco Lowdown is best for either, because they’re light and packable.

On the contrary, we don’t like the minimal design, but a pro is that they fit every outfit. Also, you can even transform them from sandals to slides.

So, in the end, that’s why Chaco sandals ended up on our list of best women’s hiking sandals for both flat feet and the most packable choice.

Chaco Women's Lowdown 2 Sandal, DOE, 7

Chaco Women's Lowdown 2 Sandal Doe |

Chaco Women's Lowdown Sandal, Sprink Cerulean, 5

Chaco Women's Lowdown Sandal Spark Cerulean |


  • Lightweight
  • Wide fit with perfect foot positioning
  • Perfect for flat feet
  • Minimal design


  • Not for narrow feet- straps
  • Minimal adjustability

Most Affordable Sport Sandal

#6 -Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal ($42.53)

Skechers Women's On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport...
  • Best for: Multisports on a budget, average arch
  • Adjustability: Velcro Straps
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: Rubber
  • Footbed: EVA
  • Width options: Normal
  • Style Rating: 8/10

These waterproof river sandals are the best affordable hiking sandals in our book since you get good value for your money. Correspondingly, we want to point out that the fantastic cushioning on the Skechers Goga Max footbed is what your feet are dreaming about.

Similarly, they provide plenty of cushioning with their 5GEN midsole, it’s like walking on a cloud. In essence, you get a lot of value for a minimal price!

But the only downside is there is only one strap across the front of the foot and ankle. The main complaint has been if you have narrow feet, the strap over the toes may be too loose. Conversely, if you have wide feet or high arches, the strap may be too tight and chafe your feet.

Given that the top priorities are foot care, pain relief, and hiking on a budget, the Skechers Women’s On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal could be the perfect choice for you.

Skechers womens On-the-go 600 - Brilliancy Sport...

Title |

Skechers womens On-the-go 600 - Brilliancy Sport...

Black On-The-go 600-Brilliancy Sport Sandal |


  • Squishy Cushioning
  • Different designs and color variations
  • Waterproof
  • Low price
  • Machine washable


  • Short straps
  • No adjustability in toe straps

Best Custom Fit Hiking Sandal

#7 -Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal

Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal – Comfortable,...
  • Amazon price: $55.99
  • Best for: Hiking and traveling
  • Adjustability: 5 adjustable straps
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: Rubber
  • Footbed: Eva foam midsole Textile
  • Width options: Normal
  • Style Rating: 9/10

Without a doubt, the Viakix Arcadia Hiking Sandal makes the top of the list for stability and comfort. Suppose you have plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, or Goldilocks with your feet. In that case, this ergonomic hiking sandals women will check off all your must-have boxes.

Specifically, the Arcadia sandal was designed for those with regular, narrow, and wide feet. Because it has 3 adjustable straps over the top of the foot, this helps to stabilize your foot inside the sandal.

Furthermore, the adjustable ankle and heel straps allow you to put on and remove the hiking sandal easily.

Viakix Arcadia Hiking Sandal for Women

Viakix is a family-run business whose founders have a passion for hiking and want comfortable yet affordable sandals. Thus, they created a line of 6 sandals for women who needed stylish yet functional trail-worthy outdoor sandals.

What’s more, the 5 adjustable, lightly padded straps mean that you will always have a perfect fit, no matter if your feet swell during the day. Tighten or loosen as needed!

Another key point is the perfectly placed arch support, so your foot weight is evenly divided across the bottom.

Likewise, this sandal is great if you have feet problems, because you won’t need custom orthotics or shoe inserts. Still, if you do, these arch support insoles can definitely help you.

Lastly, if you’re between sizes, we recommend sizing down. Only full sizes are offered, at the moment. Now that we’ve removed all excuses, go get your 10,000 steps in with the ViaKix Arcadia.

Viakix Womens Sport Sandal – Comfortable...

Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal Cloud |

Viakix Womens Sport Sandal – Comfortable...

Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal Beige |


  • 5 adjustment points to custom fit your sandal
  • Comfortable
  • Velcro straps


  • Too much webbing might rub against your feet

Best Water to Trail Hiking Sandal

#8-Teva Women’s Ankle-Strap W HURRICANE XLT2

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Black, 5
  • Amazon price: $62.21
  • Best for: Water sports, Multisport, Day Hikes and light hikes
  • Adjustability: velcro straps
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: Rubber
  • Footbed: EVA
  • Width options: Wide
  • Style Rating: 8/10

A classic in the outdoor industry is the Teva Women’s Ankle-Strap W HURRICANE XLT2. After being on the market for years, most of us saw this well-known design on the trail that became as popular as hiking boots. It’s an iconic sandal that was ready for a revamp.

Thus, this bestseller has more than 29 color options and has gone through a few design improvements from the feedback of thousands of women. The latest refresh includes a comfort upgrade through soft heel strap padding, a new modern sole, and improved traction.

Moreover, in 2020, Teva’s Hurricane XLT2 saved 4 plastic bottles per sandal, ending up in landfills by using recycled plastic to make their quick-dry webbing straps. We love that this style is also recyclable through the TevaForever recycling program, which accepts your used sandals to be recycled. In other words, they will never see a landfill, ever.

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT 2 Sandal, Black, 5

These crazy comfy sandals have major grip when hiking through slippery, wet trails and climbing over boulders. This is due to their nylon shank that supports your foot when the terrain is uneven. Also, the rubber outsole has good traction and durability.

Conversely, some issues with the straps feeling stiff, scratchy, and chafing have been reported. Despite padding being added to the straps, rubbing around the toes can occur on some. Another complaint is the lack of support for those with high arches.

But, if you have regular to wide feet, you will appreciate the width of these Hurricane XLT2. On the other hand, if you have narrow feet, your feet may not feel secure in these.

All in all, these are cute utilitarian hiking sandals. There were some quality issues a few years ago, however, Teva has addressed those in recent months.

Teva womens Hurricane XLT2 Ankle Strap Sandal,...

Teva Women's Hurricane Xlt2 Sandal Sesame |

Teva Women's Hurricane XLT2 Sandal, Blue Multi, 13

Teva Wide Women's Hurricane Xlt2 Sandal Bright Blue Multi |


  • Different designs
  • Waterproof
  • Multipurpose
  • Great grippy outsole traction


  • Footbed grooves can pinch
  • Side straps can rub and chafe toes

Best Orthopedic Hiking Sandal

#9- Chaco Z/Cloud X2 Sandals ($98.54)

Chaco Women's ZX/2 Cloud Outdoor Sandal, Solid...
  • Best for: Trekking, Multisport, Water sports
  • Adjustability: Straps
  • Type: Open-toe, Toe-loop
  • Traction: Rubber compound
  • Footbed: Polyurethane & LUVSEAT?
  • Width options: Normal and wide
  • Style Rating: 9/10

In general, these sandals are perfect for high-mileage trails to tackle wet and dry trail conditions. The Chaco ZX/2 Classic Sandals are the type you recommend to a trekker friend for maximum comfort and durability with double straps and odor-control coating.

Similarly, these are easily adjustable to size, with easy pull straps integrated into the design. It can be difficult initially to adjust all the straps to custom fit the sport sandal, but this also means these won’t get stuck on muddy trails or fall off.

Every Chaco ZX/2 Classic has a 3mm lug ChacoGrip rubber outsole and podiatrist-certified LUVSEAT PU footbed, which means all-day comfort and support. As a result, they are absolutely all-around because you can use them for hiking, trekking, and water activities too.

Chaco Women's ZX/2 Cloud Outdoor Sandal, Solid...

Offered in both medium and wide, you have more choices to get that perfect fit. On the other hand, this sandal could still come in too wide if you have narrow feet.

In short, these rank high for style and comfort once you get over having to fuss with the straps.


  • Double straps
  • Odor control
  • Normal and wide sizes
  • Pull strap


  • Too narrow
  • Heavy

Best Minimalist Water Sandal

#10 Bedrock Sandals Cairn Adventure Sandals – Women’s

Bedrock water sandal


  • Best for: Hiking, multisport, traveling, biking
  • Adjustability: Y-Strap
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: Vibram XS Trek Regolith outsole
  • Footbed: Polyester/nylon webbing
  • Width options: Normal
  • Style Rating: 10/10

Lightweight, modern, and ultra-grippy are the three words that come to mind with Bedrock’s Cairn Adventure sandals. And finally, a hiking sandal with Vibram soles!

We’d also like to point out that the Cairn sandal is 100% vegan with performance outsole lugs designed to grip, and stick to trails in the outdoors but not mark your home floors. Due to Vibram sole, these are sturdy to use through water crossings, wilderness, or the beach.

Given that this hiking sandal has a minimalist footbed, it will flex and mold your feet for a superior ground feel. Also packable, these are ideal for stashing as backup sandals when you don’t want to don hiking shoes.

Quality also comes to mind with materials, and Bedrock uses only premium materials. Can we mention Vibram’s 14mm stack height outsoles again? Toss in US military-grade Velcro, metal, and plastic hardware, and that these can be “re-souled” means they are designed to last and are environmentally friendly.

Due to these upgrades, the Bedrock Carin Adventure sandals will be on the expensive side. Still, they definitely are worth it if you’re looking for something minimal and durable.

While designed for a B-width foot, a wider foot can fit the footbed since sandals don’t offer arch support. Instead, the footbed conforms to your foot.

If you can afford these beauties, have picky feet, and want sandals you can re-sole, then give these a go. We’d like to clarify, that these are unisex, so double-check the sizing guide before buying.


  • Premium webbing
  • Can be re-soled
  • Minimalist design, lightweight
  • 14mm Vibram outsole
  • Vegan
  • 3 adjustment zones


  • Expensive
  • Limited color options

#11 -Merrell Women’s Slingback Sandal

Merrell Women's Sandspur Rose Leather Sandal,...
  • Amazon price: $57.95
  • Best for: Water sports, Multisport, Day
  • Best for: Hiking
  • Adjustability: Strap
  • Type: Open-toe
  • Traction: M Select Grip rubber
  • Footbed: Lycra
  • Width options: Normal
  • Style Rating: 9/10

The comfort sandals of the Merrell family are beautiful leather hiking sandals called Sandspur Rose, and the name really fits. Like the traditional Merrell quality and utility design, these sports sandals women love the heel’s neoprene soft lining and air cushions.

What’s more, these open-toe sandals also have microfiber lining over the footbed for comfort. But, you may think, fabric over a footbed equals stinky feet. On the contrary, Merrell thought of this and added their M Select. FRESH agents, which reduce shoe odor.

Merrell Women's Sandspur Rose Leather Sandal,...

Reasonably stylish and fits the bill of comfort, this is a great all-around sandal for high-performance and sturdy construction. However, there is only one crossover adjustable strap over the top of the foot, which means other foot areas can chafe and rub.

Sadly, since the leather on the straps can shrink when submerged in water, we don’t recommend using these on wet trails or watersports. In other words, this type of footwear is not waterproof!

You’ll want to break these the way you would with breaking in hiking boots. We have tips if you’re going to try these sandals out.

Merrell Women's Sandspur Rose Leather Sandal,...
Merrell Women's Sandspur Rose Leather Sandal, Dark...


  • Full-grain leather
  • Cushioned heel
  • Cool designs to choose from


  • Not waterproof
  • Non-adjustable heel and toe strap

#12 – HOKA ONE ONE Hopara Multisport Sandals – Women’s

Hoka One One Hopara provinicial blue/lunar rock sport sandal


  • Best for: Mountain hiking, Trail running
  • Adjustability: Quick-Lace
  • Type: Closed-toe
  • Traction: Rubber
  • Footbed: Synthetic
  • Width options: Normal
  • Style Rating: 7/10

Hoka One One has been a master of manufacturing multisport closed-toe sandals, supportive and cushioned footwear for years. The HOKA ONE ONE Hopara Multisport Sandals for women prove it right.

Undeniably, this a true explorer’s shoe for challenging mountains and slippery terrain where crossings involve water with no time to slow down. Strategic cutouts in the synthetic upper and a neoprene ankle collar allow for fast drainage without any concerns about losing your water sandals in a riverbed.

Seeing that there is a rubberized toe cover cap, this pair will both protect your toes from trail debris. Together with the EVA midsole, you’ll have a cushioned ride for running or hiking. Even more, is its quick-lace system to easily adjust the fit and not worry where to tuck in the loose laces.

Moreover, they even offer excellent traction with their 4mm multidirectional lugs to grip on uneven surfaces. So if you like to creek walk or don’t want your feet cut up by sharp edges when walking on boulders in oceans, these are excellent for those instances.

Suppose you have flat feet or tend to overpronate. In that case, these will give you the stability you need, whether you’re running errands at Costco or hiking the Pacific Northwest Trails.

Nevertheless, these are closer to being hybrid mountain hiking shoes meet sport sandals. Despite all the features to support and protect feet, these take more effort to style and coordinate your hiking outfit.


  • Cushioned soles
  • Quick lacing
  • Maximum foot support


  • Expensive

Best Hiking Sandal for Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

Teva Women’s W Tirra Sandal

Teva Women's Tirra Sandal, Aragon, 5.5
  • Amazon price: $62.50
  • Best for: trails, gardening, home and everything in between
  • Spider Original rubber outsole for dependable traction
  • Feminine strap design with multiple adjustment points
  • Cushioned EVA footbed
  • Quick-drying, synthetic, and webbing upper

Best For The Teva Women’s W Tirra Sandal is best for those with flat to medium arches. They are also great for those who need a versatile sandal that can transition seamlessly from land to water.

The Teva Women’s W Tirra Sandal blends comfort, support, and style in one solid package, making it a standout choice for the adventurous woman.

Comfort and fit wise, these sandals offer excellent comfort and fit thanks to their feminine strap design and multiple adjustment points. The straps are lined with soft, cushioned material that reduces friction and prevents blisters, even after a long day of hiking.

Notably, the hiking sandal features a sturdy and supportive heel cup that ensures stability and alignment. It helps to prevent your foot from sliding and provides excellent shock absorption when walking on rugged terrain.

Arch support: For those with flat to medium arches, the W Tirra Sandal offers good arch support, making it an excellent choice for long walks or hikes. However, for people with high arches, these sandals may not provide sufficient support.

On the other hand, this women’s best hiking sandal with arch support comes with a cushioned EVA footbed that molds to your foot for a personalized fit. It ensures you get the cushioning you need, exactly where you need it.

The W Tirra Sandal features three points of hook-and-loop adjustability. This means you can get the perfect fit across the toes, instep, and back of the heel, making them adaptable to a wide range of foot shapes.

You’ll love the quick-drying, synthetic, and webbing upper, so you can wear these from the bar to the beach, or Home Depot to gardening. Moreover, its durable outsole made of Spider Original rubber provides excellent traction, whether it’s a slippery trail or dry desert terrain.


  • Excellent adjustability for a custom fit
  • Cushioned footbed for comfort
  • Durable construction and materials
  • Good traction on a variety of surfaces


  • May not provide enough arch support for high arches
  • The straps may require a break-in period

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals: Buying Guide for Foot Types

After reviewing our best hiking sandals for women’s choices, it’s time to choose the right fit for you.

Do you need great arch support, or are you looking for a secure fit for a narrow foot? Not only are the features below important but the types of hiking sandals too!

One of the most important factors to consider is arch support. Choosing the wrong hiking sandals can lead to a variety of foot problems, including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and stress fractures.

Why is Arch Support Important in Hiking Sandals– Foot Types

Foot types can generally be classified into three main categories based on the arch of the foot. The shape of your arch can have significant implications on your gait and how you distribute weight when you walk or run. Here are the three main types:

llustration showing three different foot arch types: high arch, normal arch, and flat feet
Understanding Your Arch: From high arches to flat feet, each foot type requires unique hiking sandal support for optimal comfort and performance
  1. Normal or Medium Arches: This is the most common foot type. People with normal arches tend to have a semi-curved structure, which usually means you’re a neutral runner. This type of arch provides natural shock absorption because the pressure of impact is evenly distributed across the foot.
  2. Flat Arches or Flat Feet: People with flat arches have very low or no arch, which means that almost the entire sole of the foot comes into contact with the ground when standing. This foot type can lead to overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot after landing), which can cause various types of overuse injuries.
  3. High Arches (Hollow): This foot type is less common, with a more pronounced arch that results in less surface area for absorbing impact. This might contribute to underpronation (or supination), where the foot rolls outward, placing a lot of stress on the outer edge of the foot and small toes.

Knowing your foot type can be helpful in choosing the right footwear. The appropriate shoe or sandal can help maintain balance, provide proper support, and avoid potential foot and leg problems. It’s always a good idea to consult with a podiatrist or a shoe specialist if you’re unsure about your foot type or if you have chronic foot or leg pain.

What to Look For if You Have Flat Feet

Flat feet, also known as pes planus or fallen arches, is a condition where the arches of the feet collapse or are very low, causing the entire sole of the foot to touch the ground while standing. This is different from the usual slight arch that’s visible in most people’s feet.

Having flat feet can sometimes lead to discomfort or pain, particularly when the feet are under stress, like during long periods of standing or physical activities such as hiking. The right hiking sandal can provide the necessary support to alleviate these issues

Close-up image of a pair of flat feet
Flat feet need not be a barrier to adventure

Here’s what you should look for in a sandal footbed if you have flat feet:

  1. Arch Support: Good arch support is crucial. It helps to distribute weight across your feet evenly, reducing pressure on your arches and providing relief from pain. The best hiking sandals for flat feet will have contoured footbeds or additional arch support can help keep your feet comfortable.
  2. Deep Heel Cup: A deep heel cup can provide stability and support, aligning the foot in a natural position and helping to correct overpronation, which is common in people with flat feet.
  3. Cushioning: Cushioning can help absorb shock, reducing the impact on your feet while walking. Look for materials like EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), which is lightweight and has good cushioning properties.
  4. Adjustability: The ability to adjust the fit of your sandals can also help provide the necessary support and comfort for flat feet. Adjustable straps can help secure the sandals to your feet, providing a custom fit and preventing your feet from sliding around.
  5. Material: The footbed material should be soft yet firm, providing both comfort and the necessary support. Leather or synthetic materials that can mold to the shape of your feet over time can also be beneficial.
  6. Proper Fit: Lastly, make sure the sandals fit properly. They should not be too tight or too loose. Your toes should not hang over the edge of the footbed, and there should be no excessive rubbing or pressure points.

What to Look For if You Have High Arches

High arches, also known as pes cavus, is a condition where the arch of the foot is raised more than normal. This condition can sometimes be genetic, or it can result from a neurological condition or injury.

People with high arches bear more weight on the ball and heel of their foot, which can lead to pain or instability. They may also be more prone to certain types of foot problems like plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, or ankle sprains.

Here’s what you should look for in a sandal footbed if you have high arches:

  1. Arch Support: While this may seem obvious, it’s a crucial factor. People with high arches need sandals with good arch support to help distribute weight evenly across the feet and provide stability. High-arched feet require a different kind of support compared to flat feet, so look for sandals specifically designed for high arches.
  2. Cushioning: Cushioning is important for absorbing shock, especially since high arches can result in extra stress on the ball and heel of the foot. Look for materials like EVA or memory foam which provide good cushioning.
  3. Deep Heel Cup: A deep heel cup can help to stabilize the foot and control pronation, which can be a problem for people with high arches.
  4. Adjustability: Adjustable straps can ensure the sandal fits your foot shape correctly. This is particularly important for those with high arches, as they can often experience a poor fit with standard shoe sizes.
  5. Proper Fit: Sandals should not be too tight or too loose. They should accommodate the high arch comfortably and there should be no pressure points on the arch of the foot.
  6. Material: Softer materials like leather can mold to the shape of your foot better, offering more comfort for high arches.

sandals for hiking women and men

Hiking Sandals Types

Open-toe Hiking Sandals

This type of sandal keeps your toes out in the open. It’s especially great if you want wiggle room and air circulation to your feet. So most people living in hotter climates opt for this type.

To free your toes, you lose foot protection. Rocks, twigs, and other debris can roll under your feet or stick to your toes. Ouch!

Closed-Toe Hiking Sandals

Similarly, a great idea is women’s closed-toe hiking sandals that offer protection and cushioning to your valued toes. But, what one type of sandal provides, the other type lacks.

Even with hiking sandals, every chance to lighten your carry load is important.

In this case, there is minimal airflow, and these water shoe sandals’ design isn’t that flattering. Still, they will protect your toes from the natural elements and outdoors. Even thou these offer drainage when water crossing, it can be annoying to remove your sports sandal when bits of gravel are caught inside.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Women’s Hiking Sandals with Arch Support

Arch Support

Understanding the role of arch support and the footbed in footwear is paramount in maintaining foot health and comfort, particularly for those who engage in activities like hiking. The arch of your foot is like a natural spring that absorbs the shock each time you take a step. Arch support in footwear aids this natural function, reducing strain on the arch and preventing conditions such as plantar fasciitis or flat feet.

The footbed, the inner part of the shoe where your foot rests, also plays a key role. It should comfortably accommodate your foot, aligning it correctly and providing cushioning for maximum comfort. The right footbed will follow the contours of your foot, offering support where it’s needed most.

To determine if a sandal provides the right support pay attention to how your foot feels when you’re wearing it. The hiking sandal should feel comfortable immediately, without a ‘breaking in’ period. If you have flat feet or high arches, consider seeking shoes with specialized support. Remember, no matter how good a sandal looks, if it doesn’t support your unique foot shape, it’s not the right one for you.

Weight of Sandal

Weight is a crucial factor when choosing any gear for most hikers, backpackers, and trekkers. Likewise, most of us want lightweight but durable or even foldable outdoor gear to protect our feet so we can be fast on thru-hikes.

Basically, we want packable sandals to take up minimal space when in the backpack. But, surprisingly, the weight carried on your feet and legs uses five times more energy than the one on your back.

Surely, when it comes to women’s hiking sandals, weight is a crucial factor. So decide on how and where you’ll use your footwear, whether backpacking or day hikes, you’ll want to get the 1 lb Bedrock Sandals Cairn Adventure Sandals – Women’s.

Indeed, a hiking shoe may be the best option if you want sturdy and rugged. But you can opt to bring light and foldable sandals for post-hike that is packable.

CWidth and Comfort

Comfort and a secure fit are probably the most important of all factors! Similarly, if your clothes don’t fit, you won’t wear them.

Bedrock adventure sandals on man in camping tent
Bedrock Cairn Adventure Sandals are lightweight, weigh 1lb

Particularly, the same goes for footwear. So, if the sandals of choice aren’t the best fit out there, and your feet aren’t comfortable – you won’t wear them. Undoubtedly, you should stay away from hiking sandals.

For instance, if you have wide feet and want to buy a model of sandals that only comes in narrow, don’t even think about it. No matter how stylish they are, resist the buying temptation.

Heel Cup

The heel cup of a hiking sandal serves a critical role in both comfort and functionality for the wearer. It is designed to envelop the heel, helping to anchor the foot in the correct position within the sandal. This ensures that the foot does not slide sideways or backward, maintaining a proper alignment and offering better control while walking on various terrains.

A well-designed heel cup can provide increased support and stability, which is particularly important when hiking on uneven surfaces. It also plays a part in shock absorption. When you step, the impact of your foot hitting the ground travels up your leg. A good heel cup can help to mitigate this impact, reducing the stress on your joints and preventing potential pain or injuries.

Moreover, for individuals with conditions like plantar fasciitis, a proper heel cup in a hiking sandal can make a substantial difference. It provides the necessary support to the heel and arch, preventing the plantar fascia (the ligament connecting your heel to your toes) from straining and causing discomfort.

In essence, the importance of a heel cup in a hiking sandal cannot be overstated. It not only affects the overall comfort of the footwear but also contributes significantly to the wearer’s foot health and hiking performance. Choosing a hiking sandal with a well-designed heel cup is a key consideration for any hiking enthusiast.


But, the best technique is to choose the try-on hiking sandal types and sizes in a store like REI. Then, you’ll know if they are supportive sandals. Do you feel the sandals have comfortable straps? Will you be hiking in extreme terrain or are river crossings part of your plan?

If online is your only option, order a pair in your correct size, in addition, to a smaller or larger pair, based on sizing advice. Nothing is worse than a popular color selling out and your right size.

Viakix Arcadia Sandal rubber outsole offers traction support beach
Adjust your straps for a secure fit and proper traction to prevent slipping on rocks and sharp edges

Lastly, make sure that your sandals are comfortable and fit well inside your home first. Check for potential chafing and red areas, looking for future blisters or achy arches.


Outsoles, lug depth, and grooves are essential for gripping slippery trails, whether wet or dry.

So, this might seem kind of unnecessary to you when thinking of dry conditions. Rather if you’re traversing gravel or sand, you’ll want multi-direction grooves to grab those loose debris.

Accordingly, most of the sandals on our list offer rubber soles and the like, which are suitable traction materials. Without a doubt, the best one out there is Vibram. Pricey, yes, but worth every penny.

Overall, when buying some hiking sandals, look for something you can use in technical terrain and harsher situations in the wild. Unquestionably, your sandals should withstand the test and never slip, no matter the position you’re in.


Adjustable straps are linked to both comfort and traction. Especially comfort. Not all feet are made the same, so why should all sandals fit the same? Multiple adjusting points to custom-fit sandals to your feet are one of the most important features to test.

Therefore, adjustability is also the snugness of your sandals relative to your feet. Rather your sandals should feel secure to the contours of your feet.

Also, this doesn’t mean it should be so tight that it stops the blood flow in your foot. You want it to be snug enough to stay on, not cause blisters, nor allow your feet to slide inside the sandal.

woman wearing Viakix Cortona Adjustable adjust straps hiking sandal
Viakix Cortona Hiking Sandals have an adjustable strap so you can custom fit your sandal

In reality, if your straps are causing blisters when hiking or are too loose, you’ll end up never wearing them. Without a doubt, we absolutely recommend the type of sandal that has several adjustable straps, like the Viakix Acadia Hiking Sandal.

Durability and Versatility

So, how do you plan to use your sandals? Do you love shoes and have a pair for every outfit? Or are you a minimalist and want a multi-purpose sandal? If you aren’t sure how where your sandals might take you, we have a few suggestions.

best women's hiking sandal

Hiking Sandals can be used for activities like:

  • Trail running
  • Backpacking
  • Trekking
  • Thru-hiking
  • Recreational hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Rafting
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Watersports
  • Camping
  • Enjoying nature
  • Gardening
  • Taking a walk
  • Traveling
  • Running errands

This is not a comprehensive list of activities. Of course, we encourage you to write down other possibilities for your sandals.

Likewise, we love the versatile and super-effective Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals, fit for any outdoor adventures, even running errands in town. Also remember, the best sandals are the most versatile ones!

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Cute & Stylish Factor

Our “cute factor” or best hiking pants style plays a crucial role when whether you want to hike in style or don’t care about it at all.

Certainly, it’s all up to you and your needs. Also, it might sound superficial, but we know having stylish sandals can make us feel better when our feet look great.

Again, style isn’t alone in this category. Undoubtedly, comfort, weight, adjustability, and versatility should come first. Hence, we gave a palette of designs, from sandals with dozens of colors to choose from, from open to closed toes, and from feminine to unisex models.

We have them all. Of course, if cute sandals are a must for you, consider the ones ranked with 9/10 or 10/10 cute factor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Women’s Hiking Sandals

Is it okay to wear hiking sandals for hiking or long hikes?

Yes, many hiking sandals are designed to handle long hikes. They often feature cushioned soles and sturdy foot straps for comfort and support. However, they are not suitable for all terrains, particularly rugged or rocky trails, or cold and wet conditions.

Can you wear hiking sandals in the water?

Yes, many hiking sandals are designed to be water-resistant and can be worn in rivers, lakes, or other wet environments. They usually dry quickly and maintain good traction on wet surfaces.

How do I care for and maintain my hiking sandals?

Proper care for hiking sandals may include regular cleaning with warm water and gentle soap, avoiding extended exposure to sunlight or extreme heat, and checking the soles and straps for signs of wear or damage.

Why is arch support important in hiking sandals?

This can help to reduce pain and fatigue, and improve overall stability. It is especially important to choose hiking sandals with good arch support if you have high or low arches.


That’s it with the things you need to think about when choosing the best sandals for you. Indeed, we hope our short buying guide helped you decide which of the best women’s hiking sandals fits your needs.

In essence, our favorite hiking sandals are the Teva Original Universal Sandals – Women’s, an all-time classic in the hiking and backpacking footwear world. Quality, durability, ankle support, comfortable straps, and rubber sole are just a few characteristics to emphasize.

Viakix Cortona and Arcadia Hiking Sandals are our second favorites for style and function.

Summing it up, when searching for the, always look for the best fit for you and have in mind your intended use. 

The Adventurer’s Checklist: Must-Have Hiking Shoes and Sandals

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