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These are the best brands for hiking footwear and trekking poles, as well as our top picks for each category.
Everyone has their own opinion about what makes for the perfect pair of hiking shoes or trekking poles, and vice versa. A knee brace for hiking, good pair of hiking boots, and trekking poles are key gear that can make or break your next excursion into nature. But which one is right? There are so many factors when choosing the best hiking footwear and trekking poles. Hiking boots, hiking shoes, hiking sandals, trekking poles, and a few other footwear essentials do more than protect your feet. Hiking footwear is one of the most important items because it provides stability on uneven trails, giving you traction when navigating slippery terrain or rocky paths. The best hiking boots are the ones that fit you best and are designed to withstand the environment in which you’ll be hiking. A good pair of hiking boots should have a durable upper made out of a material  to protect your feet and keep them dry. Additionally, the right pair of hiking boots should have a wider toe box, as well as a wider shaft and heel to give you a more comfortable fit. Choose a pair of hiking boots with a sturdy and durable outsole, made from a material that grips the terrain well without being too slippery. The benefits of trekking poles help alleviate some of the weight on your knees, back, hips, and ankles when carrying heavy packs while hiking downhill.  If you’ve ever hiked with trekking poles, you know what a difference they can make. They not only help you to be more balanced on steep or uneven terrain, but they also put less stress on your knees and ankles. Trekking poles are especially great for people who are experiencing knee pain when hiking, or for seniors who want to continue to hike but want to reduce the amount of stress on their joints. If you’re hiking with a heavy pack, hiking poles can help you maintain your balance and ease the pressure on your back and shoulders. Just like hiking boots, trekking poles differ in quality, design, and price. And when you’re hiking, you want to make sure you get the right pair. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to find the perfect pair for you. We have reviews, guides and top picks from the most durable to the ultralight models to bring with you out in nature! Hiking footwear and trekking sticks must be comfortable, lightweight, sturdy, and ergonomic so you can take them from a plane, car, or to the backcountry. To make it easy, we’ve included comparison tables and shopping advice to provide you with all the information and where to buy.









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