Outdoorsy people are in a league all on their own. No one who prefers a warm bed in a solid structure, far from dirt and insects, can truly understand or appreciate their enthusiasm for Mother Nature. After countless searches online for “great gifts for outdoorsmen,” “gifts for outdoorsmen under $50,” and “outdoorsy gifts for him,” you’ve probably hit a wall. Brighten up! You’re in luck.

As people who know a thing or two about pitching a tent, mountaineering boots, and wearing crampons, we’ve created this outdoor gift guide to suggest gifts for hikers, backpackers, and campers for their outdoor adventures. Also, if you need ideas for the outdoorsy woman in your life, we have 51 hiking gift ideas for her too.

List of Gifts for the Outdoorsman

1: For Those Who Rise With the SunFellow Ode Brew Grinde

Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Burr Coffee/Coffee Bean...
Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

While many outdoorsy men take “roughing it” quite literally, others might want to bring the luxury of home to the outdoors. The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is a state-of-the-art coffee quiet grinder, allowing you to still enjoy the sounds of nature while waiting for your first cup.

This single-dose grinder with cafe capabilities is sleek, and compact, and has 11 different grinding settings. If you want to make the perfect gift set, then add this to Coletti camp coffee maker or Wacaco portable espresso maker.

2: For Dads Who Tell Everyone About Their Last Adventure – Filson Twill Original Briefcase

Filson Original Briefcase Otter Green
Filson Twill Original Briefcase

If you’re looking for outdoor gifts for dad, then you might be wondering how you can combine his love of the outdoors with his daily needs. This Filson Twill Original Briefcase is a great practical gift for everyday use that still screams “I love weekend trips!”

In addition, it’s constructed with industrial-strength twill to resist wear and lightly waxed to resist water, these bags have survived over a million air-travel miles with Filson’s customers! You’ll never hear the end of it.

3: For Thirsty Adventurers – Osprey Skarab 30 Hiking Backpack

Osprey Skarab 30L Men's Hiking Backpack with...
Osprey Skarab 30 Hiking Backpack– $185.63

We all forget to drink enough throughout the day, but it’s especially hard to keep hydrated when you’re adventuring through the wilderness. Our favorite gift for outdoorsmen is the Osprey Skarab 30 Hiking Backpack, which includes a 2.5-liter hydration reservoir, in addition to dedicated attachments for trekking poles and huge pockets for all your gear and snacks. There will be no more excuses for dehydration!

4: For Campers Who Set Up Tents – Copper Head Peg Hammers

Snow Peak Peg Hammer Pro - Durable Camp Hammer...
Copper Head Peg Hammer– $75.95

Driving tent stakes into the frozen solid ground isn’t exactly a walk in the park. However, Snow Peak has some of the best gear for outdoorsmen who love the snow, like these copper head peg hammers, which decrease the shock of hammering while driving tent stakes into the icy ground.

5: For Campers Who Upgrade Their Gear – Solid Tent Stake Set

Solid stake 30  tent stake kit

Solid Stake #30 Set – $214.95

If you want to give them more than just a hammer, then the Solid Tent Stake Set #30 includes an all-in-one set. In addition to the hammer, it has a Multi Container M canvas storage case and 18 tent stakes built for difficult ground.

6: For Those Who Actually Enjoy Running – Vuori Ponto Performance Pants – Men’s

Vuori Ponto pants
Vuori Ponto Performance Pants – Men’s

Vuori Ponto Performance Pants – Men’s – $84.00

It can be difficult to find the perfect outfit for enjoying exercise in the great outdoors. In summary, the best pants we’ve found are these Vuori Jogger pants, made of spandex and polyester, so that it’s quick drying.

Also, it is complete with a back zippered welt pocket. With comfort and wicking power like that, they can go straight from a run to relaxing by the fire.

7: For the Those training for Alpine Climbs – Craft Men’s Active Intensity Baselayer

Craft Sportswear Men's Active Intensity Running...
Men's Base Layer

If they’re into more hardcore workouts, then we have the perfect base layer for you. Your guy will rank Craft’s Active Intensity baselayer as an outdoorsmen’s best gift, especially when he is warm and dry after a long day of snowshoeing or mountaineering.

What’s more, Craft’s Sports has a full collection of seamless ergonomic tops with temperature-management body mapping. Check out this men’s base layer for high-intensity workouts in cool to cold climates!

8: For Loungers on the Go – YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair

YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair, Navy YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair, Navy
YETI Trailhead Collapsible Camp Chair– $300.00

Does the outdoorsman in your life have an old, rusty camping chair he has been using for years?

There’s something really unsettling about flimsy, unsupportive camping chairs. It’s time to upgrade his outdoor gear and give him one of the best gifts for comfort, the sturdy ergonomic Yeti Camp Trailhead Chair.

These Yeti folding chairs are unrivaled for their comfort, portability, and durability. In addition, they can eliminate pressure points for up to 500 lbs of weight! Also, this bad boy is made with 600D nylon and a powder-coated steel frame, so it’s sure to last long and withstand any outdoor conditions. Plus, it folds up so neatly that he can take it with him on all of your camping outdoor adventures!

Give them the ultimate seating arrangement for their next campfire!

9: For the Perpetually Cold – Patagonia Better Sweater Shirt Jacket – Men’s

Patagonia Better Sweater

Patagonia Better Sweater Shirt Jacket – Men’s – $159.00

Enjoying the outdoors can be done year-round, but chilly weather can take away from the experience if he isn’t prepared. For those who need maximum insulation without being three times larger than normal, this Patagonia Sweater Shirt Jacket is a one of the great gifts for outdoorsmen: the gift of warmth! Certainly, this cold weather jacket can be worn as a top or middle layer, and it is lined with soft fleece and convenient pockets!

10: For the Sustainable Make a Difference Guy – Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Full-Zip Jacket – Men’s

Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Jacket

Cotopaxi Teca Fleece Full-Zip Jacket – Men’s – $100.00

If the man prefers a pullover look, then can try this fleece full-zip jacket. The Cotopaxi Fleece Jacket is water repellent, has hand pockets, and includes elastic binding at the cuffs and hem to trap body heat.

The best part is that it comes in some really fun colors, so buy this for your favorite guy who wants cozy, sustainable, and limited edition pieces! Once the colorway sells out, it’s gone for good, so don’t wait!

11: For Guys Who Want to Wear a Beanie and Look Great – TNF Citystreet Beanie

TNF? Citystreet Beanie $48.00

A ton of our body heat actually escapes from our heads, so you can’t forget to top off the cold-weather outfits with the perfect hat. Pair the jacket with a The North Face CityStreet Beanie, which is deep full-coverage fit wool and nylon beanie with a sharp faux-leather logo patch. Make sure to buy the right color to match their new jacket!

12: For Campers Who Kayak Who Ran Out of Trunk Space – Oru Kayak Inlet Folding Kayak – 10′

Does the outdoorsman in need your life have everything? Perhaps, but he might need to have a foldable kayak for his SUV, for the spontaneous outdoor adventure. If you’re looking for an awesome gift, why not a versatile and portable kayak that he can take with him on his outdoor activities? He might be the envy of other outdoorsy men, when he pull outs a foldable kayak at the lake? Tugging along a solid kayak is not always possible for those without the right-sized car or Thule roof rack.

However, the Oru Kayak made this 10′ folding kayak weighs only 20 pounds, folds up into a compact carrying case, and easily becomes a functional boat in only 3-5 minutes. If your guy’s garage space is filled with outdoor gear for all possible outdoor activities known to man, then a folding kayak is one of the best gifts for this outdoorsman.

13: For Campers Who Spontaneously Paddleboard – Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle – 10’8″

BOTE 10' FT 8' Breeze Aero Inflatable Stand Up...

Bote Breeze Aero Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Paddle – 10’8″ – Amazon price: $649.00

If the previous great gift idea is gear they already own, or are more of a paddleboarder than a kayaker, don’t give up! Bote Breeze has a 10’8″ Aero Inflatable Paddle Board with a 3-piece adjustable paddle for those without storage and car space. This lightweight and portable board consists of military-grade PVC construction and an extra-wide tail for stability.

Give the fun gift of water sport outdoor adventure!

14: For Those With High Tent ExpectationsSea to Summit Telos TR2 Tent

Sea to Summit Telos TR2

Sea to Summit Telos TR2 Tent – $499.00

The truly adventurous outdoorsman needs a tent that can be set up in virtually any condition, however, most tents fail to be truly versatile and effective. This Ultralight Backpacking Tent is not only compact and under 4 pounds, but also can set up in the rain, hard terrain, and leisure conditions with the help of your trekking poles.

If this tent is too heavy for its ultralight backpacker standards, then you might find one in our review of the best lightweight backpacking tents.

Upgrade your outdoorsman’s outdoor gear!

15: For Backpackers on a Mission to Lighten their Pack – Hyperlite Ultamid 2 Ultralight Tent

Hyperlite Ultamid 2 Tent

Hyperlite Ultamid 2Ultralight Tent – $735.00

Need a four-season tent instead of a three-season one? The Hyperlite Ultamid 2Ultralight Tent is built to withstand all but the most extreme weather conditions, while at the same time only weighing 1.17 lbs! What’s more, this beauty packs down to the size of a water bottle.

If he’s planning on a thru-hike and obsessed with getting his backpacking pack under 7 pounds, then this would rank top as one of the best gifts for outdoorsmen. This is a must have to take on his next backpacking trip.

16: For Extreme Sleepers – The North Face The One Sleeping Bag

The North Face The One Sleeping Bag – $290.00 – $300.00

Outdoorsy men love sleeping in all kinds of climates, but it can be difficult to find portable beds and stay warm with maximum comfort. Indeed, to make sure your favorite explorer gets the rest they need in the great outdoors, try out The One Sleeping Bag.

This bag can be easily adapted to meet his needs, whether he wants to use it as a blanket or zip it up. One of the most versatile sleep systems that can use as 3-season or 4-season sleeping bags.

This bag is designed to keep you comfortable in a variety of temperatures, making it the perfect option whether he’s on a backpacking trip through the mountains or car camping. Offer him an all-in-one sleeping experience with this multi-layer adjustable sleeping bag that has an option for every climate.

17: The Hammock Sleeper – Kammok Roo Double Hammock

Kammok Roo Double Hammock
Kammok Roo Double Hammock

Kammok Roo Double Hammock – $79.00

Do they prefer to be off the ground? Check out this Kammok Roo Double Hammock that combines super-soft material with rough and tumble durability.

Kammok’s Roo Double Hammock was designed to provide a comfortable place to relax and take a break from your outdoor activities. This hammock is made with durable diamond ripstop fabric and can hold up to 500 pounds, making it perfect for two people. Plus, the built-in mosquito netting and rain tarp keep you protected from the elements, while the attached compression sack ensures easy storage when he’s on the go. Whether he’s camping in the woods or just taking a quick break from rock climbing, the Kammok Roo Double Hammock is a great gift so he enjoys some peace in the great outdoors.

If a 2 person camping hammock isn’t already part of his outdoor gear, pick up so he can map during those long days of summer.

18: For the Serious Skiers– Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket – Men’s

Patagonia Nano Puff Men

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket – Men’s – $199.00

Skiers and mountaineers withstand some of the coldest and toughest climates, so they need the sturdiest and warmest jackets on the market. For their next snowy outdoor adventure, give them the awesome gift of the Patagonia Nano II Puff Jacket.

Weighing in at just 11.9 ounces, this down jacket is perfect for backpackers and other outdoor adventurers who need to stay warm without adding any extra weight to their pack.

This sporty down jacket traps both body heat and blocks drafts without restricting movement while out in the great outdoors. Whether he’s hitting the trails or just running errands around town, the Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket is a must-have!

19: For the Outdoor Professional – Helly Hansen Down Jacket

Helly-Hansen Mens Verglas Hooded Down Insulator... Helly-Hansen Mens Verglas Hooded Down Insulator...

Helly Hansen Down Jacket

Helly Hansen, a name synonymous with quality outdoor gear, has down jackets that are made with premium materials and features that will keep him comfortable, while out on day hikes or camping trips.

If they are looking for a hooded jacket, then the Helly Hansen Down Jacket has several pockets to keep his hands warm, elastic sleeve ends, and a down-filled hood. Indeed, full insulation and warmth are some of the best gifts, so grab your outdoor lovers an effective coat!

20: For Your Favorite Pyro – Solo Stove Bonfire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Portable Fire... Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Portable Fire...
Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit– $284.63

It’s hard to beat the feeling of sitting around a warm campfire, roasting marshmallows under the stars. But if you’re backpacking or camping solo, building a fire can be difficult – and dangerous. That’s where the Solo Stove comes in.

This ingenious little device is a compact, lightweight stove that uses just a handful of sticks to create a roaring fire, no gas or propane is required. Best of all, it doesn’t require any kind of fire starter– so you can get started cooking right away.

Starting a fire with sticks isn’t for everyone. With the Solo stove Bonfire pit, you can get a bonfire going without wood or smoke. Certainly, your favorite camper wants an effortless fire stove for warmth or toasted marshmallows.

Since cleanup is a breeze, that’s a gift for an outdoorsman itself! Because the 14×19.5 inch fire pit stainless steel frame contains the just ash.

21: Gift for the Leave No Trace Outdoorsmen – Takibi Fire & Grill

Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill - Foldable Fire &...
Snow Peak Takibi Fire & Grill– $347.85

If you think that being a master chef is difficult, then try doing it out in the wilderness. Cooking outdoors is a favorite pastime for a lot of campers, so Snow Peak has come out with a Takibi Fire & Grill that creates the perfect cooktop, grill, and stove.

Because of its 25x22x6 inches dimensions, this grill is a perfect size and allows you to adjust the heat intensity with three different positions.

Surprise the expert cook in your life with this stainless steel and portable masterpiece!

22: For Dedicated Eco-Cyclists – Sinch Foldable e-bike

Sinch Foldable e-bike – $1,699.00

Attaching a bike to the back of your vehicle for a trip can be clunky, but true outdoorsmen don’t want to leave their cycling ability behind. Aventon provides the best of both worlds with their Sinch foldable e-bike, which comes with a backlit LCD, pedal assist and throttle, and a hub motor with a battery.

If your outdoorsman is also sustainability-conscious, then he will consider this a win-win awesome gift.

23: For The Spontaneous Outdoorsman – Patagonia Black Hole Duffel

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel – 40L – $129.00

We all know that person: they love getting away but they can’t bring themselves to leave their wardrobe and possessions behind. If your favorite outdoorsmen is a heavy packer, then there’s a reason the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag is called the “Black Hole.”

This 40-liter bag is meant to hold enough gear and clothes for an extended stay without sacrificing organization.

24: Best Gift for Outdoorsmen Who Kayak – Tifosi Veloce Fototec Photochromic Sunglasses

Tifosi Veloce Fototec Photochromic Sunglasses – $79.95

Sunny days are some of the best days, but glare can ruin your day out. To combat any level of sunny interference, Tifosi Veloce Fototec Photochromic sunglasses automatically adjust their tint according to the levels of light and are 20 times more resistant to shattering than other sunglasses. Buying this gift for any sun lovers in your life will certainly win you some brownie points!

25: For Dads Who Like Nifty Camping Solutions – Kelty Sideroads Car Awning

Kelty Awning Side Roads

Kelty Sideroads Car Awning – $129.95

The best outdoor gifts for dad will always be tools and gadgets that one could only describe as “nifty.” The Kelty Side Roads Awning is certainly nifty with its universal attachment system for all vans, SUVs, and wagons and its simple 3-pole system. Keep dad sheltered from the weather with this portable solution!

26: For the Kayak-Curious – Eddyline Skylark Kayak

Eddyline Skylark Kayak – $1,549.00

Not everyone is a seasoned vet when it comes to kayaking, but it’s such a great watersport for both exercise and experiencing nature.

The Eddyline Skylark Kayak has the size and fit necessary to support entry-level kayakers but sustains many features of full sea kayaks so that beginners can grow into the full experience. Choose this gift for a truly rewarding experience for years to come!

27: For the Tech Savvy – Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch

Garmin fenix 6X Sapphire, Premium Multisport GPS...

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Multisport GPS $284.63-$900

There’s something in our bones that goes back to the dawn of humanity, driving us to the outdoors. But most people still like the luxury of modern technology. Indeed, for tech enthusiasts who like the outdoors, Garmin offers two awesome devices.

The first one is the Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire Multisport Watch, which has a glare-resistant 1.4-inch display loaded with mapping, music, heart rate tracking, sleep monitoring, and more! As a best gift for your outdoorsman, he would have a hard time finding something missing from this watch.

28: The Safety First Adventurer – inReach Mini Satellite Communicator

Garmin inReach Mini, Lightweight and Compact...
Garmin inReach Mini– $299.99

For the truly adventurous, Garmin offers an inReach Mini Satellite Communicator with off-the-grid contact using satellite technology. These little walkie-talkies are only 3.5 oz, yet they have 2-way messaging and tracking capabilities. Even without cell reception, you’ll never lose touch!

29: Best Gift Outdoorsmen with No Sense of Direction – ACR Electronics PLB

RESCUEME PLB1 Personal Locator Beacon - USA...
ACR Electronics PLB– $359.95

Being an outdoorsman doesn’t always come with a strong sense of direction, and the wilderness can be a dangerous place without cell reception. For the adventurers you worry about, gift an ACR Electronics PLB.

At the simple push of one button, this device sends out alerts to global emergency services with your ID and position through satellites so you can get help immediately.

30: For Ambitious Climbers – Black Diamond LT AVY Safety Set

Black Diamond Avalanche Safety Set

Overcoming the world’s tallest mountains is a huge accomplishment, but the mountains can quickly overcome you with dangerous avalanches. To give your favorite skier the tools they need to survive, gift them this Black Diamond LT AVY Safety Set.

This set includes professional-grade avalanche safety tools such as the UIAA-certified Transfer shovel, Recon LT avalanche beacon, and Quickdraw Pro 280 probe.

Certainly, this would count as good gifts for outdoorsmen, is the Black Diamond LT AVY comprehensive safety kit. Oh, and make sure he has an emergency shelter tent too and survival guide if he isn’t a survival expert.

Not only will give both you and they will have peace of mind in the case of a devastating accident, but ensure their safe return home.

31: For Outdoorsmen With Poor Circulation – The Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Zippo Silver HeatBank 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer Zippo Orange Heatbank 9s Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus Rechargeable Hand Warmer– $29.00

Cheap hand warmers are both temporary and disposable fixes, but when your hands are constantly cold and you’re out in the wilderness, you don’t have the patience or ability to deal with these inadequate packs.

The Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus Rechargeable Hand Warmer is a great gift so that those hands stay warm. Because it has six different heat settings and a portable power bank, you can keep your pockets and hands warm since the battery life lasts up to 9 hours! What’s more, the Zippo HeatBank uses a rechargeable battery, so no need to hunt down batteries.

Gift these hand warmers before the winter season in order to combat all the chilly days ahead!

32: For Avid Day Hikers – Osprey 33 Talon Fastpacking Backpack

Osprey Talon 33L Men's Hiking Backpack with...
Osprey Talon 33 Men's Hiking Backpack– $189.79

Hiking requires freedom of movement, but it also requires lugging water, gear, and snacks. The Osprey 33 Talon Fastpacking Backpack is a top-loader with reservoir sleeve, pole and ax attachments, and an injection-molded back panel for optimal movement and security. Your favorite hiker will be excited to try out their new backpack on their next hiking trip!

33: For Blanket Lovers – Kammock Trail Quilts

Kammock Quilt

Kammock Trail Quilts$359.00

Campers and hikers shouldn’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort, even on the move. Kammock Trail Quilts are water-repellent and can be used as a blanket, a sleeping bag, or even a poncho. Gift this ultra-lightweight and 100% recycled quilt to your favorite long-distance hiker!

34: For the Accident Prone – Hyperice Hypervolt GO Massager

Hyperice Hypervolt GO - Deep Tissue Percussion...
Hyperice Hypervolt GO Massager– $159.99

Speaking of comfort, experiencing the outdoors can be really tough on the body and lead to muscle strains and pulls. Hypervolt Go Massager will be your outdoorsman’s favorite trail companion, packed with percussion therapy that loosens up muscles to reduce stiffness and relieve discomfort.

You’ll all be fighting over it after your next trip!

35: For the Inner Child – Stiga Snow Racer

Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer

Stiga GT Supreme Snow Racer

You might be all grown up, but you can’t fool us that you don’t miss playing in the snow. The Stiga Snow Racer combines the joy of sledding down snow hills with the full control of steering and braking systems.

If he’s the kind of person who loves the thrill of speeding down a snow-covered hill on a sled, you’ll want to check out the Stiga Snow Racer. This unique winter toy is perfect for adventurous outdoorsmen who are looking for a new way to enjoy the cold weather

Give them something fun and childish to open this year!

36: For Grill Lovers– Looftlight Electric Firestarter

Looftlight Fire starter

Looftlighter Electric Firestarter – $79.99

Looking for an easy and efficient way to start a fire? Look no further than the Looftlight Electric Firestarter! This device is perfect for the outdoorsman in your life who wants an easy way to get a grill going. With just the press of a button, he will be able to start a roaring fire in no time.

The Looft Lighter is the size of a large curling iron, starting fires without gas efficiently and cooling down within seconds. This fire starter tool definitely screams “outdoor men gifts,” so grab it soon to share the gift of testosterone!

37: For the Impatient Griller- Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill...
Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1– $155.88

For the outdoorsy men on your list who likes to grill quickly and then get moving, this gift will be perfect.

The Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL 6-in-1 Indoor Grill has a wide temperature range, and it transforms foods from frozen to perfectly char-grilled in under 25 minutes. With 4 smart protein settings & 9 customizable doneness levels, you’ll be able to do everything at the touch of the button without any guesswork involved–even achieve rare or well-done meat with just one click.

38: For the Precise Meat Doneness Outdoorsmen Gift– Etekcity Lasergrip

Etekcity Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun for...
IR Thermometer Gun

If your outdoorsman friend will be using this gift for grilling meat, make sure to pair it with a wireless meat thermometer! These handy tools help check the internal temperature of the meat while you grill so that you can get the perfect finish without compromising the meal.

Don’t stop there, either. An IR Thermometer Gun will help your outdoorsmen check the temperature of the flame before they start cooking so they can precisely grill like a master. This gun in particular has rapid results with instant unit conversion and auto-off capabilities.

39: For Outdoorsmen Beer Drinker – Hydroflask Growler

Hydro Flask 64 oz Growler Stone
Hydroflask Growler 64 oz

People always fixate on water when it comes to exploring the outdoors, but what if you want to bring along some beers or kombucha for your night around the campfire? The Hydroflask Growler is 64 oz and has a double-wall vacuum seal insulation for keeping even the trickiest carbonated drinks at optimum temperature and fizziness.

Make campfire nights that much more fun for your favorite camper!

40: For Campers Who Want a Bird’s Eye View – Roofnest Condor Rooftop Tent

Roofnest Condor Rooftop Tent – $3,295.00

Not all camping situations are ideal for sleeping on the ground, and sometimes he can get a better view from up high. If you’ve heard him mention, car camping, he’s referring to his bad boy, the Roofnest Condor Rooftop Tent.

This innovative rooftop tent allows him to set up his campsite right on top of his car, giving him easy access to all his gear and providing an awesome view of the stars at night. Plus, the Condor Rooftop Tent is roomy enough for two people to sleep comfortably, making it the perfect option for couples looking for an extra bit of comfort while spending time together on their adventures. What’s more, it even accommodates a solar panel.

Bring your outdoorsy men to new heights with this perfect gift and tent setup. Wildness survival will be a breeze!

41: For Heavy-Duty Food Packers – RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler

RTIC 65 QT Ultra-Tough Cooler Hard Insulated...
RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler

Bringing food along for the trip can be considerably difficult, especially when it has to be kept at a very specific temperature for a long period of time on a camping trip.

What you can do, is to help your favorite camper avoid getting sick on the trail and safely bring along meats, dairy, drinks, and more. Buy them this excellent gift, a large RTIC 65 Qt Hard Cooler.

With a 65-quart capacity cooler, which can hold 64 cans or 70 lb of ice, your family members and outsoorsman in your life will be jumping for joy.

42: For Night Owls – Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm 400 Waterproof Headlamp,...
Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamper– $55.95

When the sun goes down, it’s time to bring out the big guns. And by “big guns,” I mean the Black Diamond Storm 400 headlamp. With a max output of 400 lumens, this thing will have you seeing in the dark like never before. Whether he’s summiting a mountain or just reading in his tent, the Storm 400 is sure to light up his life

Hiking or camping at night requires an alternate source of light, and while an LED flashlight is great, he needs his hands to cook food and fend off any bears. To free up your favorite outdoorsy men’s hands, gift them the Black Diamond Storm 400 Headlamp.

43: Music Lovers Outdoorsmen Gift – Lexon Bluetooth Speaker Charger

Lexon La121md Mino L 5-watt True Wireless Stereo... Lexon La121md Mino L 5-watt True Wireless Stereo...
Lexon Mino L - 5W Pairable Bluetooth Speaker– $52.99

Electricity is scarce in the wild, but outdoorsy men still want to listen to their favorite tunes. For your music-loving camper, gift the Lexon Bluetooth Speaker Charger, which combines a Bluetooth speaker and a wireless charger for their phones.

This little powerhouse is perfect for taking on outdoor adventures, and it even comes with a rechargeable battery! Plus, the stylish design means it will look great no matter where you choose to use it.

Basically, it’s so light that this awesome gift will be loved by outdoorsy men. They’ll never go without jams or their device again!

44: For the Bearded Traveler– Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer

Wahl USA Stainless Steel Lithium Ion 2.0+ Beard...
Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer– $79.99

Know an outdoorsy guy who comes back from weekend trips looking like he cuts logs for a living? The Wahl Stainless Steel Beard Trimmer is a gift they’ll sincerely appreciate, and so will their significant other. If he doesn’t already own one, then give them the gift of grooming on the go!

45: For the Lumberjack in Your Life– Filson Mackinaw Wool Vest

Filson Mackinaw vest

Mackinaw Wool Vest – $165.00

Speaking of loggers, the outdoorsman in your life, who spend a lot of time in frigid and wet conditions would seriously appreciate a practical, warm addition to their attire. Filson boasts the tightest weave of optimum wool for their Mackinaw Wool Vest, which adds an extra layer of protection against the coldest temperatures, even while wet, without adding too much bulk.

46. Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen Who Love Running in Wet Weather – Under Armor Bora Jacket

Under Armour Men's UA Bora Jacket, True Ink...
Under Armor Bora Jacket

An essential for every for hiker’s wardrobe is the Under Armor Bora Jacket instead, which is 100% waterproof and breathable and has two layers of fabric.

We recommend grabbing this rain jacket because it’s been specifically designed to be breathable even in the wettest conditions.

If you’re looking for the best windbreaker, then keep him warm with this best gift for your outdoorsman.

47. For the Minimalist Wants a One and Done Rain Coat – Marmot Lightweight Component Jacket

MARMOT Men's GORE-TEX Minimalist Jacket, Arctic...
Marmot Lightweight Jacket– $216.92

If you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, you can try the Marmot Lightweight Minimalist Jacket. This jacket has a drawstring hem and pit zips that allow you to regulate internal temperature without letting rain in!

What’s more, this Marmot makes this lightweight waterproof rain jacket in regular, big, and tall men’s sizes. One of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe is a jacket.

It’s great for both cool days and can be layered with other clothes to keep you warm on colder ones.

48. For Those Who Love the Rain – Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell Jacket

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Men's Stretch Rain Shell -... BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Men's Stretch Rain Shell -...
Black Diamond Mens M Stormline Stretch Rain Shell– $180.00

Nothing ruins day hikes more than sudden torrential rains. For rain-averse outdoorsy men, gift the Black Diamond Stormline Stretch Rain Shell Jacket. This waterproof, breathable, and full coverage solution will keep any hiker fully dry even in the worst conditions!

This shell is made with breathable stretch fabric to keep you comfortable, and it includes an adjustable hood and hem for a perfect fit. It also has zippered hand pockets for your essentials.

In addition, StormLine’s underarm gussets and ultra-stretchy fabric add mobility without sacrificing durability. The climbing-helmet-compatible hood makes it perfect for on-route excursions so that you won’t need to take off your climbing helmet.

49: For the Camper Who is Upgrading His Dry Bag – Filson Dry Bag

Filson Dry Bag – $40.00

Speaking of melting in the rain, there’s a lot of camping gear and essentials that cannot get wet. To help your favorite camper keep them dry in the harshest weather conditions, try this Filson Dry Bag. This bag has a buckled roll-top and consists of TPU-coated 840D nylon.

50. For the Outdoorsmen Seeking New Guided Adventures – 57Hours.com

57Hours.com Guided Adventures

Types of Global Adventures by Local Guides

Adventure Like a Local with 57Hours.com

Gifting new things to people who’ve already got it all is extremely difficult. If you’re in this situation, try something less tangible but no less exciting: experiences!

57Hours offers adventure junkies whose bucket lists are adventures are all over the world and who can’t get enough of the outdoors. From alpine climbing in the Rockies, to heli-skiing in British Columbia, and mountaineering, to hiking and camping in La Pedrizia Spain. The best part? Your loved one’s expedition is led by a local certified guide.

They’ll make your trip memorable and you won’t have to worry about safety, because they’re trained professionals.

51. For Outdoorsmen Who Have Everything – America the Beautiful Annual Pass –

America the Beautiful Pass – $79.99

Campers, hikers, skiers, and bikers can all find a wealth of experiences at America’s National Parks. Buy them the year pass called the National Park Pass. This ticket gets them into all 2,000 federal recreation sites in our country and ranks high on awesome adventure gifts.

REI also offers other park passes:

  • Driving into Washington National Parks? You’ll need a Discover Annual Pass
  • Annual Northwest Forest pass is valid at the following national forests: Columbia River Gorge, Colville, Deschutes, Fremont-Winema, Gifford Pinchot, Malheur, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie, Mount Hood and Ochoc. It also includes the Okanogan and Wenatchee, Olympic, Rogue River-Siskiyou, Siuslaw, Umatilla, Umpqua, Wallowa-Whitman and Willamette
  • Visiting the 89 State parks in Texas? He’ll need to buy an annual pass to enter the Lone Star’s State parks. However, if he plans on making it a camping trip, he will need to buy another pass.
  • Heading into Kentucky for a 3-day camping inside Daniel Boone National Forest? Make sure your outdoor lovers can get to use all their outdoor gear (which you bought above, right?) to explore, target shoot, boat and camp.

Already have these? Consider buying them a trip through REI Adventures packages. There are private and group adventures in the nation’s most beautiful locations to choose from. Your great gift is sure to beat everyone else’s!

More Best Gifts for Outdoorsmen

With 51 ideas for the best gifts for outdoorsmen, we hope you’ve found the perfect one for your father, brother, uncle, or friend. We know, outdoorsmen can be nuts, but they have real passion.

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