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Tell us your Tale from the Trail!

We’re seeking creative short stories! If you enjoy journaling and photographing your experiences, then please share those with us. We would love to feature your adventure travel stories and photos in our Tales from the Trails website and social media. Feel free to answer in short, or long form, our questions below.

These prompts might help you get started:
• What was the culture of the people?
• Why did you choose this adventure?
• What were your methods of transportation?
• Did you seek/use guides?
• What interesting experiences did you have along the way?
• Were there any dangerous encounters with people, animals, or nature?
(If you remember the brand and product name/model, please include it in your description above)
• Gear (tents, special equipment, lines, sleeping system, cooking gear, chairs, etc.)
• Clothing
• Footwear
• Food or water
• Favorite brands or must-have apparel. Any regrets? Any special standouts?
• Footwear
• Safety
• Choosing a guide
• Route & transportation
• Rental gear
• People
• Clothing/Footwear
• Food & Drink
(Google Drive or Drop Box links only). Make sure that we can open the link without requesting a password or any approval. Your providing us with the link above serves as your permission for us to use any or all of your content in your Tale from the Trails on this website and in our social media.

The Hiking Adventure reserves the right to edit your provided information, including the decision whether or not to publish your Tale.
Thank you for sharing your Tale from the Trail with us!
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