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Moon bag, belly bag, bumbag, or fanny pack. Whatever you want to call them, it’s an essential piece of gear for loads of outdoor activities. Yet, the idea of an outdoor carrying case is not a new concept.

Did you know that way back in 1954, fanny packs appeared as accessories for cross country skiers? Of course, a lot has changed for the hip pack since those days. There’s a huge array of choices.

Today, people buy packs for hiking, traveling, and even for hands-free festival celebrations. As a result, Fanny packs evolved into fashion statements, too. 

So, how do you choose the best lumbar pack for your outings? Well, keep on reading for a complete guide to the Best Lumbar Pack for Hiking.

Single Purpose Hip Packs

Let’s begin our tour of fanny packs with the smallest entries in the line. Let’s face it. If you’re only jumping out the door for a morning run, your needs are few.

Best Sleek Hip Belt: FlipBelt Running Belt

FlipBelt Running Belt, Aqua, Extra Large

A hiking fanny pack might be a little overkill for a quick trip around the neighborhood. But, if all you need are the bare essentials, Rei Co-op offers some interesting choices. And, they don’t get simpler than the FlipBelt Running Belt.

As the name suggests, the FlipBelt looks like a belt. It’s sleek and flat to the body. Most people won’t even know you are wearing a lumbar pack for hiking.

FlipBelt Running Belt, Black, Extra Large
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Hot Pink, Extra Large
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Aqua, Extra Large
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Ocean Bloom, Extra Large
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Level Terrain FlipBelt Waist Pouch, Neon Green, X-Large/35'-38'
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Neon Punch, Extra Large
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Neon Yellow, Extra Large
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FlipBelt Running Belt, Carbon, Extra Large

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Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

Lululemon Fast and Free belt
Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

The Lululemon Fanny Packs are prepared for anything. With this running belt, you can bring everything and the kitchen sink with you when you go for a run. It has a zippered pocket and two stretch mesh pockets for storing your valuables or essentials.

The large compartment could hold snacks/keys if needed, but it’s much too big for that. There is no inner storage compartments other than the smaller stuff pocket that sits between the larger compartment and hip belt.

There are 2 side drop-in pockets for keeping your keys, cards, and gels.

But there is one drawback to this design. There’s no attachment for a water bottle, so unless you are a camel, the long-distance run could be a challenge.

Nathan Peak Hydration Waistpack

Nathan Peak Hydration Waist Pack with Storage Area & Run Flask 18oz –... Nathan Running Belt - Peak Waist Pack with Hydration and Phone Storage...

Nathan Peak Hydration Waistpack


For those longer jants, the Nathan Peak Hydration Waist pack for $29.99 is a better choice. You have a pouch with ample room for belongings and a bottle holster for endurance training. However, the awkward weight distribution of an angled 18 oz water bottle holder is the only concern.

Nathan Peak Fanny pack has a slim stylish design and is made from a lightweight, breathable mesh material that stays dry during your run or hike. This lumbar pack for hiking comes with the one water bottle holsters that allow for quick access to fluids along your journey. Additionally, it fits a full-sized smartphone, which makes it great for running errands after your workout.

Reflective detailing and trim make you more apparent in low-light situations without sacrificing a good-looking design. Furthermore, it is secure. The body is comfortably hugged by its extended side panels for a perfect fit and the water bottle and storage compartments are firmly attached to keep your valuables safe.

Best Combination Running Pack and Belt- Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus

So, for the best of both worlds, the clear choice is the Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2. This lumbar pack for hiking offers people who like to run, hike, jog, or walk light security for their items. It is an excellent fanny pack with a slim design and a lightweight, breathable mesh.

Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Waist Pack Amp Green

Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2


Amphipod Unisex RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Orange
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Amphipod Unisex RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Power/Purple

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Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus (21 Ounces) (Raspberry)
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Amphipod Unisex RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Steel
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Amphipod Unisex RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Tahoe/Blue
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Amphipod RunLite Xtech 2 Plus Waist Pack Amp Green
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Whether you’re training for a marathon or simply fulfilling the basic fluid carrying requirements of your running club, the RunLite Xtech 2 Plus is built to allow even the minimalist to bring fluids and basic necessities on the road. The two 10 ounce bottles come with Jett Squeeze Caps that allow for quick and easy sips; single-handed. The two bottle belt also features a few strategic pockets for storing essentials such as your house, car and locker key.

The RunLite Xtech 2 Plus lumbar pack for hiking, is made from a water-resistant material, which is great when you get caught in the rain during your run! Of course, this Fanny pack has a separate zip pocket for your valuables. This Fanny pack doesn’t bounce while running and stays in place.

Also, this waist pack can be adjusted to whatever size you like! It has a nice mesh band around both the waist and adjustable straps for comfort and fit.

The Walkabout Pack

The lumbar pack has moved on from minimalist traditions. People once scoffed at the look of fanny pack in the 1990s. But, now the fanny pack has joined the world of fashion.

The pandemic era has changed many people’s views on accessorizing. Yes, the fanny pack has replaced the purse for women.

Best for Day Hikes- Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack


These lumbar packs for hiking come in a variety of sizes and styles. The Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack comes ready to stuff with everything you need for a day out. This pack has a lot of versatile applications, certainly making it a treasured item in every outdoor enthusiast’s closet. It does not stay there for long, though, as it is utilized on a daily basis as a hiking bag, disc golf bag, messenger bag, business briefcase, carry-on travel answer, and so forth.

The temperature might be scorching in the summer when traveling up high in the alpine, yet within a few minutes, it can change. It’s large enough to stash a mid layer and the other half of your zip-off cargo pants. If you carry a Nalgene quart water bottle and my bear spray, then these will fit nicely into the pockets.

Most versions have five main compartments plus one on the outer part. There’s also interior foam padding to protect your phone or a tablet. Finally, this fanny pack has zippered pockets on the back panel to hide important documents.

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack
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Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack, Concrete

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Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack
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Most Stylish Fanny Pack-The North Face Explore Hip Pack

North Face Explore Hip Fanny Pack
Explore Hip Pack

If you are looking for something a little more stylish, the North Face Hip Pack series is a great choice. Also, there is a range of beautiful styles, and it transforms into a shoulder bag.

This bag has three liters of storage and can carry your daily items, including your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, a snack, and other personal items. This pack has you covered whether you’re commuting, traveling, or going on a trek.

The North Face brand is well respected for both durability and comfort. So you have plenty of room to carry a water bottle or anything else you need for a day out.

If you are looking for something a little more stylish, the North Face Hip Pack series is a great choice. Also, there is a range of beautiful styles, and it transforms into a shoulder bag.

The best feature of this day pack is its strap, which allows you to wear it around your waist or over your shoulder. Basically, its so versatile, you won’t need to switch this out if you’re on the street, trail or festivals.

The North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Arrowwood Yellow Leopard Print/TNF...The North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Horizon Red/TNF Blue, OSThe North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Pikes Purple/TNF Black, OS
The North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Faded Rose/TNF Black, OSThe North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Kelp Tan Forest Floor Print/TNF...The North Face Bozer Hip Pack III—S, Red Orange/Transantarctic Blue, OS

Best for Errands- Patagonia Black Hole Waist Pack

Patagonia’s Black Hole

The favorite in this category has to be the Patagonia Black Hole waist pack. This fanny pack has tons of room. It’s a perfect choice for travel across town or around the globe.

Patagonia is also committed to environmental concerns. So, they use recycled fabric in 64% of the bag’s construction. Weather-resistant and comfortable, it’s also the only pack in this category with water bottle pockets.

These packs are great for lightweight hiking, but Patagonia wins for getting about town in style.

patagonia bum bag
patagonia fanny pack
patagonia waist pack

Best for Festivals- Mountainsmith Trippin Fanny Pack

Mountainsmith Trippin Fanny Pack, Glacier Blue, One Size

Mountainsmith Trippin Fanny Pack

Mountainsmith is well-versed in the 1980s and fanny packs. They’re celebrating 40 years since introducing the first lumbar pack with a retro throwback that’s built to last a lifetime of concerts, festivals, and summer trips.

This Fanny Pack features one main compartment for larger items, a front pocket to hold your phone and other small accessories, a dedicated outer mesh water bottle holder, adjustable compression straps, and an internal key clip. It also has a breathable back panel for comfort.

This pack works nicely as a belt for me. It can hold a wallet, glasses case, and nalgene bottle, among other things. It also protects my crotch from the crotch-eyed yummy-mummies at the children’s sports event by shielding it with this bag.

Mountainsmith Trippin Fanny-Avocado (17-10301-45)Mountainsmith Trippin Fanny Pack, Classic RedMountainsmith Trippin Lil' Fanny Pack, SalmonMountainsmith Fanny Pack, Mint

The Trail Rider

Hikers and trail bikers have longed to find alternatives for cumbersome backpacks. Well, the fanny pack has answered the call. But, unfortunately, when it comes to hiking gear, the choices seem endless.

Let’s narrow it down to the hiking experience and which hiking waist pack offers the best value. The Osprey Talon 6 is a wonderful place to start.

Best for Minimalist Hikers- Osprey Talon 6 Waist Pack

Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack , Ceramic Blue

Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack


The Osprey Talon 6 is a minimalist hiker’s dream. There’s plenty of space for the essentials without bulking up. Dual-zippered waist pockets to keep valuables secure. As well, it features two padded bottle holders making this the best-looking pack of all.

Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack , Cosmic Red
Osprey Talon 6 Men's Lumbar Hiking Pack , Stealth Black

For design and function, one pack stands above the rest. This hip pack design wears as rugged as it looks. This lumbar pack is made for serious hikers and trail bikers.

Best Lightweight Large Fanny Pack- Backcountry Mid Mountain 2L Hip Pack

Backcountry Hip pack
Backcountry 2L Hip Pack

The Backcountry Mid Mountain 2L Hip Pack has exterior clips with a flap to stash weather gear. As well it’s fitted with two expandable water bottle holders. The waist belt has pockets on both sides for extra snacks or tools.

This pack design worn at the waist makes it shock-resistant and super comfortable. In addition, the tension strap lets hikers and bike riders move with ease. Besides, every tool a gearhead needs on the trail has its own compartment.

When you hit the trail hard, the Backcountry 2L Hip Pack is the one to meet the challenge. 

Elegance and Security

Most people want two things when they are out on the town or traveling through unknown regions. The first is you want your belongings to be safe and secure. Second, and let’s be honest, we want it to look good as well.

What could be a bigger downer than having your valuables stolen or go missing? When you’re partying hands-free at a music festival, you don’t want to worry that your stuff isn’t safe. The same is true when tripping through strange airports on the adventures of a lifetime.

So, you need a fanny belt made for keeping the bad guys out. Again, there are many on the market to choose from, but your priority is anti-RFID protection.

Best Concealed Waist Pack-Van Beeken Travel Money Belt

VAN BEEKEN RFID Travel Money Belt Hidden Money Belts for Travel for Men and...

Van Beeken Travel Money Belt


The Van Beeken Travel Money Belt offers protection with style. It has two front pockets and three inner zipped pockets to protect cards and money.

There’s plenty of room for travel documents, and it becomes a shoulder bag if you choose. Two separate waist straps add to the security feature.

Best for Secure Travel- Zero Grid Money Waist Pack

Money Belt for Secure Travel - Concealed Travel Pouch w/RFID Blocking -...

Zero Grid Money Belt


The Zero Grid Money Belt has similar security features. For added protection, the strap clips fit under fabric to make it harder for thieves to access. In addition, the sleek design helps to wear under clothing which is better for what it lacks in fashion.

Travelon Light Slim Waist Pack

Travelon Anti-Theft Waist Pack, Black, One Size

Travelon Light Slim Waist Pack


The Travelon Light Slim Waist Pack costs a little more than the others, but it’s well worth the price. Yet, the strap buckles hide under the fabric on the pouch, but there is also cable running through the strap. As a result, anyone trying to cut the belt free will be out of luck.

Slash-resistant mesh also lines the fabric, and zipper clasps lock in place. So much engineering has gone into this stylish little waist pack that it has to win hands down for safety.

Fanny Pack Sizing-When Size Matters

Ok, you’re wondering if there’s a fanny pack that can do it all. Well, of course, there is, and they’re pretty impressive. It’s amazing how much you can carry around your waist.

5 Liter Fanny Pack

REI Co-op Trail 5 Waistpack


Weighing in first is the REI Co-op Trail 5 waist pack. This 5 Liter carryall’s design is more like a camera bag than a fanny pack. But, somehow, it works.

The bucket compartment will hold camera gear and pretty much anything else you can think of for a day out. Each of the two water bottle holders can handle a liter of liquid.

The Trail 5 is not as water-resistant as it claims, so you may want an extra layer for your electronics. Still, the design is great for easy access on the go.

6 Liter Waist Pack

Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack Hiking Camping Biking Waterproof Waist Pack 2...
Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

Next up is the Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack with 6 Liters of capacity. This marvel looks every bit the outdoors in the form of a waist pack. The Bp Vision is the Swiss Army Knife of fanny packs.

If you like orange, then you’ll love this rugged number. It has all the features of a hiking pack, including outer strapping for more items to attach. In addition, the water holders can accept a 25-ounce container.

Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack Hiking Camping Biking Waterproof Waist Pack 2...

This hip pack comes equipped with a four-point shoulder strap. So when the pack is full, you will be happy to have it.

13 Liter Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack

Mountainsmith Day Lumbar Pack


These two hip packs are impressive, but the next entry makes this an unfair competition. Mountainnsmith’s whopping 13 Liter Day Lumbar Pack blows everything off the map. It’s hard to imagine this behemoth as a waist pack, but here we are.

Everything you would expect from Mountainsmith construction is on this pack. Included are the two 32 oz water bottle holders. So if you get thirsty hiking, this one’s for you.

Best in Show

How can we decide which is the best fanny pack of them all? Each has unique qualities that make them outstanding. And some of these hip packs get made for specific reasons.

The Amphipod Trail pack is a runner’s delight. It sits quietly on the body holding essential items secure for a quick jog.

Amphipod Airflow Trail Pack
Amphipod Airflow Trail Pack


Patagonia’s Black Hole pack gives active people several use options. This waist pack works on the job or at play. The Black Hole waist pack seems as comfortable as hiking gear as does as a travel accessory,

Patagonia fanny pack
Patagonia’s Black Hole

Travelon’s Light Slim Waist Pack is what every traveler should wear. As the world races to full speed again, securing valuables is more important than ever. The design features that prevent this hip pack from getting stolen are top-notch.

It’s impossible to talk hiking without mentioning Mountainsmith again. Their midsize pack holds so much more than any other hiking fanny pack. That kind of size is a perfect choice for the avid photographer.

How can we discount the enormous Mountainsmith Lumbar Pack? When you start out thinking about fanny packs, no one ever dreamed they could get this big. The amazing thing is, people use this giant pack with pleasure.

In fact, Mountainsmith has other midsize packs not even mentioned here. All are quite capable of serving your every need. But, it still leaves one to be crowned best of all.

The Backcountry Mid Mountain 2L Hip Pack deserves that accolade for several reasons. First, this fanny pack is different because of its roots. Second, there is a military precision to this lumbar pack.

People who own it rave about how light it feels on their bodies, even when running. The pack is well organized, with a place for every conceivable item.

And the Backcountry Mid Mountain 2L Hip Pack is pretty good looking too. It would not look out of place on a night out.

So, give the prize for this review to the Backcountry Mid Mountain 2L Hip Pack. This is a fanny pack that ticks all the boxes.

Fanny Packs Are Back

The fanny pack has come a long way from its origins in the last few years. It’s not a laughing matter anymore. Instead, people are embracing the hands-free way to get around.

It should be surprising, really.

Batman was using fanny packs as a utility belt long before it was popular. So, follow the caped crusader’s lead if you are looking for a great way to carry your stuff and keep your hands free.

While you’re looking, read more on Hiking gear essentials about the great outdoors, gift ideas for outdoorsy women, and equipment for the journey.

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