Travel Insurance for Climbing Kilimanjaro

High on the list of “boring things to do” is arranging travel insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro.

Yet another thing to tick off your list – and pay for.

It can seem never-ending when preparing for Kilimanjaro. But travel insurance needs to be high on your list of priorities. Most decent tour operators will insist that you have it.

You can get a quote from World Nomads, who we know offer suitable policies.

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Once you’ve got your basic quote, you’ll need to upgrade it to cover high altitude trekking up to 6,000 meters for Kilimanjaro.

For those who are wondering whether they really need to part with more money, here is some more information on travel insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro:

What’s the point of travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to cover you (subject to the conditions of the policy) for costs incurred should the unexpected happen whilst you are abroad. You hope you’ll never need it. It can seem like a “waste of money” until something happens.


  • Climbing Kilimanjaro can be dangerous! Any mishap on the mountain requiring medical attention or evacuation will need to be paid for from somewhere.
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  • You’ve spent a heap of money on this trip, what happens if your mom gets sick before you go and you need to cancel the trip? Or if you injure yourself a week before you are flying to Tanzania? The tour operator won’t give you your money back at short notice… but travel insurance should have you covered.
  • What if your bags are lost en route to Tanzania? Who is going to pay for all that expensive kit you’ve just bought?
  • What if you come down with a stomach bug on your first day and have to cancel your climb?
  • What if a family member back home gets sick and you need to cut short your adventure?
  • What if you get malaria on your post-climb safari?

These are just a few of the reasons why it might be a good idea to get some travel insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro.

But, you say….

  • I’ve got health insurance, surely I don’t need travel insurance? You might. I doubt that your health insurance would pay out for cancelled flights and your climb booking if you were to get sick at the last minute! Nor will your health insurance cover you for emergency evacuation, should it be necessary.
  • I’ve seen so many online reviews of people having difficulty claiming on travel insurance policies. I’m sure you have. And those people didn’t read the small print. They weren’t covered for what they assumed.

Travel Insurance for climbing Kilimanjaro Considerations

Always read the small print. Yes! I said it. We have become accustomed to not reading “the small print” because it’s boring. It won’t be so boring if you accidentally purchase a policy designed for sitting on the beach when you intend to climb a very high mountain!

When you are buying travel insurance for your trip to Kilimanjaro, it’s important to check that the  policy you select covers you over 6,000m. It needs to provide for the activity that you are undertaking. Which is high-altitude trekking.

We like World Nomads, because they seem to understand that not every vacation involves sitting around doing nothing!

Visit World Nomads to get a quote for your Kilimanjaro travel insurance now.

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