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A good pocket knife is a valuable piece of equipment to own in the event of various situations. You might need it to open a package, whittle wood, prep food when camping, as well as many other things. But how do you choose the best pocket knife brand for your needs since there are so many great options?

In fact, a pocket knife can also help in emergency situations too. For example, you might need to cut someone out of a seatbelt after a crash or cut a bandage. 

While all of these uses are great, finding the best knife can be tricky. With so many brands to pick from, some of which produce pretty cheap, poor-quality knives, choosing the right knife can become overwhelming. 

However, if you’re looking for the new best pocket knife manufacturers, you don’t need to worry. We’re here to help. 

In this article, you will find a list of the very best pocket knife brands on the market. We’ll show you what makes each brand great and even give you an idea of the best knives they sell.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to stick around!


The first brand on our list is Spyderco. Founded in 1976 by Sal and Gail Glesser, in Colorado, the brand started as a knife sharpening business before producing its own knives in 1976. 

The knives Spyderco manufacture are instantly recognizable thanks to their quite futuristic look. The brand was actually the first to produce the best folding knife manufacturers combo blades and one-handed-opening.

It’s these ground-breaking designs that make Spyderco one of the most popular and best brands on the market. However, that does also make them one of the most expensive.

With an aggressive appearance and a trademark “Spyderhole” on each blade, you can expect your pocket knife brand names to come with innovative features and a sleek design.

Almost all of Spyderco’s knives come with fast-cutting, super-sharp blades, a serrated edge, and a convenient clip.

We love how Spyderco produces a wide range of folding knives for different situations. The brand offers tactical, survival, fixed, marine, gentleman’s, and even culinary knives.

Spyderco Tenacious Folding Utility Pocket Knife...

This medium-sized blade features a stylish design that includes a laminate handle to ensure you feel comfortable even during prolonged periods of cutting.

Made from reliable stainless steel, you can flip the knife open quickly and safely, before effortlessly cutting through most things. 


Based in Oregon City, Oregon, Benchmade may just be the most well-known all-American brand on this list. Benchmade has a big reputation for producing the best blades that offer the highest standard of performance. 

The brand sells three different types of knives. Those knives are fixed, automatic, and manual. While most users love Benchmade’s knives for the fact they are 100% American-made, it is Benchmade’s famous AXIS lock that customers appreciate most. 

When compared to standard liner locks, Benchmade’s AXIS lock is much safer, allowing the user to operate the blade with one hand. This lock is also one of if not, the strongest and most reliable locking systems the industry has to offer.

You’ll find an incredible amount of options available, as the brand is excellent when it comes to producing innovative, modern knives, and the more traditional blades people also love.

While each blade may differ slightly, every single one is made from durable, premium quality materials that look beautiful and feel great to hold.

Benchmade also gives customers the chance to customize their own knives. 

Benchmade - Bugout 535 EDC Knife with Ranger Green...

From their wide product range, the Bugout 535 is our favorite. Produced with style and comfort in mind, this blade is super lightweight and easy to carry.

Despite its lightweight nature, no power has been sacrificed. The sharp 3.24-inch blade is perfect for any eventuality.

Buck Knives

The next pocket knife brand is Buck Knives. Easily one of the biggest and most popular pocket knife brands in America, Buck Knives produces versatile, high-quality blades that anybody can love. 

Whether you’re looking for an expensive knife or something affordable that gets the job done, Buck Knives has it all. Having said that, the brand’s original knife is still one of its best sellers. In fact, other brands have actually copied the strong design.

The brand’s first knife was made by Hoyt Buck in 1902. Hoyt Buck discovered a unique way to produce the knife that would improve the blade’s edge retention. The brand still uses this method today.

Aside from solid edge retention, Buck Knives are well-known for their solid construction, sharpness, and impressive strength.

Buck Knives also offer a neat custom knife feature on its website. This is perfect for any pocket knife lover.

Easily one of the best in the world, you can use a Buck Knife for fishing, survival, recreational use, or as a hunting knife.

Buck Knives The 55 Folding Pocket Knife 2-3/8'...

The Griptilian is one of Buck Knives’ best sellers and with good reason. This stylish blade is a no-nonsense, everyday knife that can help in a range of different circumstances. The knife is strong, lightweight, durable, and easily gripped, what more could we ask for?

Boker USA

The Boker knife brand isn’t from the U.S. Instead, this brand is based in Germany. The brand makes this list thanks to its mind-blowing range of classic pocket knives, all of which are incredibly affordable.

Boker’s most sought-after blades tend to be the tactical and mushroom knives they produce. 

Also known by the name Tree Brand as a result of the tree shape etched into all of their blades, Boker could be the oldest of the pocket knife brands out there. Their rich history dates back to the 17th century.

Those who love knives in general, not just pocket knives may also like to hear that Boker now sells razors, axes, and swords too. 

Despite producing the most stunning classic pocket knives, Boker is also pretty great when it comes to creating new and improved innovative knives. Interestingly, this brand was the first to produce a pocket knife featuring a ceramic blade. 

If it’s an affordable, unbelievably beautiful knife you seek, you seriously need to take a look at Boker’s high-performing, stylish, and wonderfully affordable pocket knives.

Boker Plus 01BO035 Anti-MC Folding Knife with...

Providing users with unparalleled edge retention and resistance to corrosion, this blade not only looks fantastic but performs incredibly well.

The handle is made from high-quality carbon fiber to reduce the weight of the knife and the blade is made of hi-tech ceramic to give you high levels of performance. 

Columbia River Knife & Tool Company

If you like your pocket knives, you’ll almost definitely have heard of Columbia River Knife & Tool Company before. In terms of high-quality, state-of-the-art knives that are both reliable and durable, this brand takes some beating.

Aside from having an amazingly wide selection of knives to pick from, this brand also creates some of the most technologically advanced knives we’ve ever seen.

Thanks to a collaboration with Ken Onion, the company produced free field strip technology. It is believed this feature will be the largest evolutionary step forward the industry has ever experienced.

When it comes to using Columbia River Knife & Tool Companies knives, your opportunities are limitless. The brand produces knives that are perfect for hunting and survival, hardcore outdoor activities, or knives that simply help you open packages and whittle wood.

Up there with the very best, the Columbia River Knife & Tool Company is a brand worth looking at if you need a high-quality pocket knife.


In our opinion, one of this brand’s best knives is the Homefront. Beautifully designed to mimic traditional WWII folding knives, this blade features CRKT’s new free field strip technology. This allows you to easily disassemble the knife without the need for any tools. 

Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Knives is the final pocket knife brand on our list. They are another pocket knife brand based in Oregon, this time being founded in 1974.

Unlike the other knife brands on our list, Kershaw Knives tend to look to collaborations to produce their knives. 

In recent years, they have collaborated with well-known custom knife designers like Rick Hinderer, Ernest Emerson, and Ken Onion.

By working with these designers, Kershaw Knives customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a knife. Thanks to the range of different knives available, you’re sure to find the one you’re looking for. 

In regards to the types of knives on offer, you can expect to find sport, tactical, and function-forward EDC knives.

All of these knives are made using the highest quality materials to provide a solid, reliable knife that has a premium feel and appearance. 

Kershaw Knives also has a solid reputation for producing high-performing blades that offer great value for money. 

All of this together is what makes the brand one of the best in the pocket knife industry. 

Kershaw Cryo Knife, 2.75' Stainless Steel Drop...

The Kershaw Cryo knife is absolutely awesome. Perfect for everyday use, this knife has an all-steel design that has been coated with a matte gray titanium carbo-nitride.

This helps increase the durability of the knife. One-handed opening and a strong, sharp edge are two of the knife’s best features, making it much easier to use the knife and quickly complete tasks. 

Designed by Rick Hinderer, with this knife, you can expect a tactical-styled blade that is built to last. 

Choosing The Right Pocket Knife Brand

In regards to choosing the right brand for you and ultimately the pocket knife you want to buy, there are a variety of factors you need to consider to make the right decision.

To make your life easier, we’ve included some of the most important things to consider in this small buyer’s guide.

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Pocket Knife Style

You have to carefully think about what style of pocket knife you like. Every pocket knife brand offers something different. Some brands produce only classic, more traditional knives, whilst others like to focus on manufacturing innovative, modern knives. 

Bearing this in mind, you need to decide what style you want most. 


It is important to consider how much a brand sells its knives for. Pocket knife brands sell their knives at incredibly varied prices. Some brands sell their knives for $100 and others that sell them for $30. 

You should try and find a brand that fits your budget best. If you only have $50 to spend on a blade, you should steer clear of more expensive brands. On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, you might like to look at a more luxurious brand.


It is always a good idea to take brand policy into consideration before deciding which brand of pocket knife to choose. In fact, brand policies can be what sets two brands apart due to how much better the service is for us.

For example, two brands might sell very similar knives for the exact same price, however, one brand might also throw in LifeSharp maintenance or extended warranty too.

You’re most likely to choose that brand over the one that offers no extra policies. Taking this factor into account might help you find a better deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Which Brand Produces The Sharpest Knife?

There are two brands that tend to produce knives that are sharper than others. These brands are Benchmade and Columbia River Knife & Tool Company. Head to these brands first if you need the sharpest blade possible.

Why Are Pocket Knives So Expensive?

While a lot of pocket knife brands also have affordable options, some knives can be very expensive. This is mainly down to the fact a lot of care, precision, and premium materials have gone into producing the very best products.
However, some brands also charge more simply because they can. Sometimes a brand’s reputation is enough to increase prices.

Which Pocket Knife Brand Is The Best?

While it ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you as an individual need from a knife, we believe Buck Knives is the best pocket knife brand.
We believe this because, for us, the overall quality, versatility, and variety on offer from Buck Knives are second to none.

I’ve heard about Swiss Army Knives with deep carry pocket clips. What advantages do they offer?

A deep carry pocket clip is a fantastic addition to a Swiss Army Knife, especially for those who value convenience and discretion. This type of clip allows the knife to sit deeper in your pocket, ensuring it’s securely attached and less visible. It’s particularly useful for outdoor activities, hiking, or everyday carry, providing easy access while keeping the knife discreetly and safely tucked away. The combination of a Swiss Army Knife’s versatility with a deep carry pocket clip enhances the overall practicality and usability of the tool.

I’m in the market for a Swiss Army Knife. What should I look for when choosing one with a deep carry pocket clip?

When selecting a Swiss Army Knife with a deep carry pocket clip, consider your personal needs and the knife’s intended use. Look for a knife that has the tools you need – such as a blade, scissors, or screwdriver – while also ensuring it has a sturdy and reliable deep carry pocket clip. The quality of the clip is crucial for secure carry. Additionally, check the size and weight of the knife to ensure it meets your comfort level for everyday carry. High-quality materials and construction are key for durability, making your Swiss Army Knife a long-lasting companion for various tasks.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to identifying the best pocket knife brands, you really can’t go wrong with any of the brands we’ve listed above. While there may be other pocket knife brands out there that also offer incredibly well-designed knives, we firmly believe that these brands are the best of the best.

Every brand on our list produces high-quality, high-performing pocket knives that are easy to use, sharp, reliable, durable, and extremely stylish.

While they all differ in terms of personal touches, we can confidently say that no matter which brand you choose, you’ll be happy with what you receive.

Now you know more about the best pocket knife brands the industry has to offer, why not take some time to take a closer look at each brand. By doing so, you should be able to find a brand that suits your needs and requirements best.

What do you think of these pocket knives? Let us know below:

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