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Find Amazing Hikes In The Catskills, Gunks, Adirondacks, Hudson Highlands

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Hiking in the Catskills is an amazing activity. There are many places to go hiking. You can climb mountains, see waterfalls, and enjoy nature.

If going on a long challenging hike, hikers should be prepared before going out into the wilderness so be sure to take lots of supplies, such as food, water, and clothing. 

The Catskill Mountains are beautiful places to hike. There are many trails available for hiking enthusiasts. You can go on short hikes or longer treks.

Climbing the Gunks is a time-honored tradition. Climbers who climb up the Gunks often start out as beginners but eventually move on to harder climbs.

Climbers tend to be brave and have cool heads. Quartz rock on the Gunks makes it harder than other rocks. It’s a massive challenge climbing the Gunks and you need to be careful when you climb there. 

Hudson Highlands is a very popular hiking region with trails that suit all abilities. You’ll find a list of trails in Hudson Highlands State park preserve.

These hikes are suitable for all ages. There are some short walks as well as longer ones. Some are easier than others but they’re all interesting. The park is located near Peekskill, New York.

The Adirondack region is fascinating to visit and steeped in history. The dome is a unique geographic feature. It is made up of ancient rock formations.

The Adirondacks are new mountains from old rocks and are the oldest mountains in New York State.

Let’s look at some popular hikes you can enjoy in these regions. 

Overlook Mountain (Hudson Highlands)

The hike through Overlook mountain is located near Woodstock, New York, and near the Hudson River. You’ll find a parking lot at the trailhead.

Follow a dirt path for two miles until Picnic you reach the summit. There are some interesting ruins there. The fire tower is also worth climbing.

Tables are placed strategically throughout the park. There are also remnants of a plane crash found in the area. 

The trail is best hiked during the spring and fall months. Hiking this trail requires some elevation gain, but it is pretty easy to complete.

Scenic Trail (Catskills) 

Scenic Trail (Catskills) 

This trail is very easy to do for anyone. . It is flat and well-paved, and has many access points. You can ski, bike, and hike your way across this great trail. The numerous access points mean you could walk as little or as long as you want. 

There are two ways to get to this trail: From the railroad trailhead in Stamford, take the train to Bloomville, then walk up the road leading to the trailhead.

Or, if you’re coming from the south, take the train to Great Barrington, then head west on Route 9S until you reach the trailhead. Either way, the trail is easy to follow. You’ll be following the yellow or blue octagonal signs along the way.

Shawangunk Ridge Trail (Gunks) 

The Shawangunk Ridge Trail is a long hiking trail that goes up and down mountains. This trail was made by hikers who wanted to go up mountains and get some fresh air. The trail is mostly used by people who want to hike. 

The trail is also used by mountain bikers and horseback riders. There are lots of places to stop and rest on this trail because there are lots of hills.

People can take pictures or watch birds while walking on this trail. This trail starts off at the top of the mountain and goes all the way down to the bottom.

It takes you past some amazing scenery. You go by the falls and see them fall over. Then you get to the point where you can take a train up there.

Lake Placid (Adirondacks) 

Hiking Trails in the Adirondack Mountains are great places to see nature. There are many different kinds of wildlife along these hiking trails.

However, you must be careful when you hike because there might be bears or other dangerous animals around. 

The northern part of the trail is much more interesting than the southern part but it depends on what time of year you go. 

Hiking the North Country Trail is a great activity to do during the summer and fall months. Snow can still be present in the mountains, but hiking is much more enjoyable when there isn’t any snow.

Hikers enjoy the cool weather and the lack of bugs. Fall colors make the trail a beautiful sight to see.

In Summary 

The above is just a fraction of the hikes that you can do in the Catskills, Gunks, Adirondacks, and Hudson Highlands. They are well worth a visit and you will make precious memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

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Home » BACKPACK / CAMP — General » Hiking » Find Amazing Hikes In The Catskills, Gunks, Adirondacks, Hudson Highlands


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