The 12 Best Double Sleeping Bags

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Are you ready to make the leap and spend a night outdoors with your partner? If you’re looking to snuggle up with your honey on your next camping trip, then try a double sleeping bag.

Also, you’ll be joining 40 million other Americans who camp each year.

But of those millions, you’ll be one of the most prepared for a night in nature after reading through this article.

Get ready for a night of shopping after reading through a list of the best double sleeping bags and picking the right one for you! Seriously, why pack two sleeping bags when you can just pack one?

  Double Sleeping Bags Weight Package Dimensions Fill Material Outer Material Pack Size Price
Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking - Queen... Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bags 3lb 17 x 14 x 5.8 inches Tetron and Cotton Super Strong Waterproof Polyester Fabric! 15x12inches $59.95
TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag; Lightweight... Teton Sports Sleeping Bags 8.2lb 87 x 63 x 44 inches Brushed Micro Polyester Diamond Ripstop 18″ x 10″ x 10″inches $129.99
TETON Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and... Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag 15lb 94 x 62 inches SuperLoft Elite Hollow Fiber Taffeta 94″ X 62″inches $179.99
Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 45 Big and Tall Double Adult Sleeping Bag Coleman Tandem 3 in 1 Big and Tall Double Sleeping Bag 9.5lb 13 x 13.4 x 17.7 inches Polyester Polyester 81″ x 66″inches $82.69
Nemo Equipment Jazz Luxury Duo (Aluminum/Wave, One Size) NEMO Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag 8.5lb 22 x 14 x 10 inches  40D Nylon Ripstop w/ DWR Nylon w/ DWR 29.0 x 13.0 x 13.0 inches Price not available
Big Agnes King Solomon 15 (650 DownTek) Sleeping Bag Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Down Double Sleeping Bag 2lb 22 x 18 x 12 inches Polyester Taffeta 650 fill Downtek 10 x 21 inches $365.46
Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – Two Person... Kelty Tru.Comfort 20-Degree Doublewide Sleeping Bag 10.2lb 24 x 15 x 28 inches Synthetic Synthetic 15″ x 23″inches $209.95
CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag, Lightweight Waterproof 2 Person Sleeping Bag... Canway Double Sleeping Bag 5.3lb 86.6” x 59”inches Cotton 210T Waterproof Polyester 11×13.78 inches $49.99
Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear - Double Sleeping Bag for... SereneLife Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear 1lb 59 x 2.5 x 87 inches Cotton Polyester, Cotton Not Provided $50.06
WELLAX Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking - Extra Large... WellaX Double Sleeping Bag 6.3lb 92″ x 62″inches Polyester Polyester 19″ x 11″ x 11″inches Price not available
STO Therm-a-Rest Vela Double Sleeping Bag 2.8lb 78 inches 20D Polyester Taffeta 20D Polyester with DWR 9 x 16 inCHES $369.95
Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 20 Degree 650F Dridown Lightweight Sleeping... Sierra Designs Lightweight Zipperless 20 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag 3.7lb 10.4 x 9.3 x 13.8 inches 20D Polyester Tafetta 20D Ripstop Polyester 11 x 19 inches $449.95

Best Double Sleeping Bags 2022

Best Budget Sleeping Bag: Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bags

Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking - Queen...

One of the cheapest options out there, Sleepingo offers a great option for those who are buying a double sleeping bag on a budget!

You can find the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag on Amazon for only $57.

Not only is this a budget find, but you’ll also stay nice and warm with this hybrid sleeping bag. It’s great for camping, so long as your adventures don’t involve weather as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. 

To list some other specs you should know about the Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag:

  • Use as one queen or two single sleeping bags
  • Tetron and cotton materials on the inside 
  • Comes with 2 travel pillows
  • 210 thread count for extra durability
  • Outer shell of the sleeping bag is waterproof 

So long as budget is your top concern, you won’t regret this cozy buy!

Best Packable Couples Bag: Teton Sports Sleeping Bags

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag; Lightweight...

Do you hate rolling your sleeping bags up after you use them? Well, no worries, because the Teton Sports Sleeping Bags use compression technology to store the bags. Instead of rolling, just stuff them into the bag and you have a compact bag ready for hiking! 

Looking for a double sleeping bag that’s light enough to carry with you wherever you go? Indeed, we have found the one for you! 

This 2 person sleeping bag has the following features:

  • Compression sack to pack it up
  • Microfiber insulation
  • Optional camp pad to sleep warmer at night
  • Zipper draft tubes
  • Weight: 8.2 pounds 

Overall, with this type of insulation, you won’t find a lighter bag!

Best in Size 2-Person Sleeping Bags: Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Fahrenheit Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag; Warm and...

If you’re looking for a double sleeping bag that is even larger than just a double, you’ve found the one for you! This sleeping bag is longer and wider than a normal queen-size bed. Imagine sleeping on that in the wilderness!

The Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag unzips all on both sides and the bottom for easy access into the sleeping bag. There are also various temperature selections to choose from. You can buy one that is for temps above 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or for as low as 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, those bags will keep you warm! Not only is this bag huge and warm, but it also has the following features:

  • Thermal enhancing with a double layer
  • Compact, but also remains fluffy when used
  • Non-allergenic
  • High-quality zippers
  • Comes in multiple different colors
  • Draft tubes both keep the chilly draft out and keep you warm

The Teton Sports Mammoth Sleeping Bag will keep you cozy while you feel as though you’re in your own bed at home!

Best Convertible Double Sleeping Bags: Coleman Tandem 3 in 1 Big and Tall Double Sleeping Bag

Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 45 Big and Tall Double Adult Sleeping Bag

This 3-in-1 bag gives you everything you need…in one. Shocker!

The Coleman Tandem 3-in-1 has comfort combined with warmth to keep you warm in 45-degree weather. For one thing, you can use the zip together sleeping bag as a double or you can hit the wilderness on your own by unzipping part of the bag to be for a single person.

Even with everything it has to offer as a sleeping bag, it’s also machine-washable. Who wouldn’t want a sleep system that’s going to get muddy, dirty, and sandy to be easy to clean? There’s nothing better than that!

Here’s a bit more info about the Coleman Tandem double sleeping bag:

  • Comes with a convenient little stuff sack
  • Has a cord system
  • Easy to roll up
  • Weighs 9.5 pounds
  • Hollow polyester insulation 

Enjoy crispy fall nights with this 2 person sleeping bag!

Best for Taller People: NEMO Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag

Nemo Equipment Jazz Luxury Duo (Aluminum/Wave, One Size)

The NEMO Jazz Duo ranks as one of the most comfortable double sleeping bags out on the market. To clarify, the stratofiber insulation makes it extremely warm, soft, and comfortable for sleeping. 

But, if you feel like trekking with an extra sleeping pad, this sleeping bag actually has a pocket to stuff it into. Two 25 inch or one 50 inch sleeping pad will make the sleeping bag suddenly feel like your bed at home.

If you don’t feel like carrying all the extra gear, it’s still just as comfy! It also has an extra blanket fold to cozy up near your neck and head! You’ll feel like you’ve just been tucked right into bed when you sleep in the NEMO Jazz.

A few other fast facts you should know about the NEMO Jazz Duo Sleeping Bag:

  • Weighs 7 pounds
  • Durable Nylon material
  • Water-resistant DWR
  • Fits humans up to 6’4″
  • Shape provide both the most warmth at the head and feet

Certainly, the NEMO Jazz sleeping bag competes as one of the lightest double sleeping bags.

Most Comfortable for 2 Adults: Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Down Double Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes King Solomon 15 (650 DownTek) Sleeping Bag

The Big Agnes King Solomon 15 Down Double Sleeping Bag provides maximum comfort for the chilly nights you’ll undoubtedly have on camping trips.

This sleeping bag comes with synthetic insulation to keep you active during all four seasons that you want to go camping or hiking in the wilderness. There’s also a drawstring near the head of the bag so that you can draw it tighter to stay warmer!

To point out other features of this sleeping bag :

  • Sleeping pad to keep you more comfortable at night
  • Uninsulated bottom to keep it both lightweight and easier to carry
  • Max height of sleeper: 6 feet
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty 

Without delay, snap up the Big Agnes sleeping bag for a perfect and quick romantic getaway, any weekend of the year!

Most Features Double Sleeping Bags: Kelty Tru.Comfort 20-Degree Doublewide Sleeping Bag

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – Two Person...

Kelty Tru.Comfort’s Sleeping Bag is perfect if you want to customize your sleeping bag to be just how you want it.

With endless options for customization, it also comes with many features:

  • Two-way zip foot vents
  • Cloud loft insulation
  • Two built-in blankets
  • Oversized hood that can fit two standard pillows
  • Wider than a queen bed
  • Fully removable top cover if it gets too hot
  • Less than 10 pounds
  • Lifetime guarantee
Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – Two Person...

The built-in blankets allow you to make your sleeping arrangement just how you want it. By all means, you can choose to use all of the blankets or just one, if it is a bit warmer outside.

Because there are two zip foot vents, you can stick your feet out the bottom to get some fresh air without bothering your partner’s feet and making them chilly. Why has no one thought of that for regular backcountry beds!?

For the most part, this sleeping bag is truly beyond modern technology and is ready to make you have the time of your life camping.

Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – Two Person...Kelty Tru.Comfort Doublewide 20 Degree Sleeping Bag – Two Person...
Double-Wide Sleeping Bags

Best Couples Sleeping Bag:  Canway Double Sleeping Bag

CANWAY Double Sleeping Bag, Lightweight Waterproof 2 Person Sleeping Bag...

Canyway’s Double Sleeping Bag is made for camping during the winter, fall, and spring seasons. You should look elsewhere for a summer sleeping bag. It’ll keep you warm during the coldest of nights, so you don’t have to be worried about falling asleep on your hike the next day.

You can use this sleeping bag in temperatures as low as 42 degrees, so be sure to check your weather forecast and only head out on nights that it won’t hit below that marker.

This sleeping bag also has the following features: 

  • Easy-to-carry compression bag so no folding is necessary
  • Machine-washable to clean easily after getting dirty while camping
  • 210 thread count
  • Cotton filling with a flannel liner
  • Can be divided into two single sleeping bags, if need be
  • Stylish 
  • Waterproof

What’s more, you should note that this 2 person sleeping bag is not as large as the other ones. Its maximum adult length that it fits is 5’9″. Keep that in mind when searching for the perfect double sleeping bag.

Best WaterproofSereneLife Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear

Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear - Double Sleeping Bag for...

Have you ever been camping and wake up soaking wet? It’s not a great experience.

Well, the SereneLife Backpacking Sleeping Bag will make sure that that doesn’t happen to you! For one thing, Its waterproof outer shell protects you from rain, snow, and dew.

It’s perfect for a good night’s sleep.

The double sleeping bag also offers more than just waterproof layers. It also features:

  • 210 thread count polyester fabric
  • Soft pongee liner
  • Cotton filling
  • Anti-snag zipper to keep your bag from causing problems
  • Comes with two large travel pillows
  • Both easy to fold and machine washable
  • 5-10 degree Fahrenheit rating
  • Included pockets for any gadgets or phone

The carrying bag is easily attachable to your hiking backpack to make the trek a breeze! Whether you’re going camping during a rainstorm or on a crisp fall night, this sleeping bag will do everything you need it to keep you safe and give you a good night’s sleep.

Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear - Double Sleeping Bag for...Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear - Double Sleeping Bag for...Backpacking Sleeping Bag Camping Gear - Double Sleeping Bag for...

Lightest 2 Person Bags: WellaX Double Sleeping Bag

WELLAX Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking - Extra Large...

The WellaX Double Sleeping Bag is yet another one of its kind that can unzip into two separate sleeping bags or zip together sleeping bags and sleep as a double.

This bag itself actually looks more like you’re sleeping in a bed, so if your priority is comfort, this may be the bag for you! It also feels like a bed, since the inner lining of the sleeping bag feels just like bedsheets. You’ll enjoy a soft, snag-free sleep.

Along with the soft comfort, there are also zipper and shoulder draft tubes to keep any cold air from getting into the sleeping bag. It adds to the coziness.

In addition to the above stats about the WellaX double sleeping bag, it also features the following:

  • 210 thread count
  • Lightweight at just 6.2 pounds
  • Extra-long length for taller people
  • Perfect for temperatures of 32 degrees and up
  • Durable and strong outer shell made of polyester
  • A cheaper option for a more affordable sleeping bag
  • Comes with both two sleeping masks and two pillows
  • Two outside pockets and one inside of the sleeping bag
  • Thermal enhancing technology

Enjoy warmth on a cold-weather night in the woods with the WellaX!

WELLAX Double Sleeping Bag for Camping, Backpacking or Hiking - Extra Large...

Best Quilt Double Sleep System: Therm-a-Rest Vela Double Sleeping Bag

The Thera-a-Rest Vela Double Sleeping Bag is your perfect lightweight sleeping bag for backpackers.  Surprisingly, its one of a few 2 person sleeping bags that compresses into a 9 x 16 inch stuff sack. 

Just like some of the others, the Therm-a-Rest Vela bags allow you to keep it as a double or split it into two if you are going camping alone.

Unlike some of the other 2 person sleeping bags we’ve mentioned, this one has a box baffle with mesh walls to cut down on chilly spots while maximizing loft to keep you comfortable. You won’t have to worry about getting cold since this is down filled with a comfort rating of 32F.

Additionally, its insulation has been treated with Nikwax, so a little rain won’t cause you to lose sleep or warmth at night.

Some of the other features of the Famous Juggle double sleeping bag are:

  • Easy to roll to store
  • 20D polyester taffeta that is soft on the skin
  • Lightweight at 2.8 pounds
  • Nikwax coating makes it Waterproof
  • Anti-tear materials
  • Comes in one color, Storm
  • Machine washable
  • Warranty: lifetime

Still, a drawback to this sleeping bag is the weather conditions that it can withstand. If you’re camping in cooler weather, then this bag would be right for you. But if you’re thinking about going camping on warm summer nights, this sleeping bag may be too warm at night.

Best Zipperless Couples Sleep System: Sierra Designs Lightweight Zipperless 20 Degree Backpacking Sleeping Bag

Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 20 Degree 650F Dridown Lightweight Sleeping...

You know that feeling when you go to unzip something, but it doesn’t? It’s stuck. Imagine that happening in the pouring rain in the middle of the woods. Not a great feeling, especially on a backpacking trip where you forgot your repair tools.

You would not want that.

Luckily, with the Sierra Designs Zipperless Sleeping Bag, you wouldn’t have to worry about the zipper breaking off or zipping weirdly because it doesn’t have a single zipper on it! That’s not the only perk of this sleeping bag, though.

This 2 person zipfree sleeping bag is filled with down insulation, which will keep you warmer at night, thus allowing you to sleep in temperatures as low as 20f degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the down insulation in this sleeping bag is specifically DriDown, which allows for the bag to dry faster and resist water longer.

It also comes with the following features:

  • Both polyester ripstop and taffeta fabric
  • Insulated hand and arm pockets to keep the drafts out
  • Outer shell insulation for water-resistant material
  • Drawstring closure

We’re pretty sure you won’t regret buying this sleeping bag with the plush-down and cozy inside to keep you and your partner warm. For those of you who prefer a zipper, Sierra Design Front Country Bed 20 is a zippered double sleeping bag, perfect for both festivals and car camping.


After reading the different types of double sleeping bags sold on the market today, you may still have some questions. We’ve tried to cover all of our bases to give you the answers you need!

Why Choose a 2 Person Sleeping Bags?

You may be wondering what the big difference is between a double sleeping bag and a single sleeping bag. Well, to sum it up, there are a few differences that will make you switch over to a double sleeping bag!

For starters, if you’ve just enjoyed a romantic day on the water and it’s now nighttime, then you may want to continue that romance. Particularly, impossible to do if each of you is in a single sleeping bag.

With a double sleeping bag, you’re also able to carry more in your pack since there’s only one sleeping bag taking up room in one backpack versus two. Think: You can pack more bottles of wine to enjoy that night! 

couples 2 person sleeping bag

What Should I Be Taking into Consideration?

There are multiple features of double sleeping bags that you need to consider before making a purchase. You should be aware of what features are most important to you before making the leap.

Sleeping Bag Insulation

There are various types of insulation used in the making of 2 person sleeping bags. There is synthetic insulation or down insulation.

Synthetic insulation is usually cheaper and better in wet conditions, yet they do not compress down because of their heavier and fluffier attributes.

Down insulated sleeping bags compress much easier and are more lightweight. If you are going longer distances, then it may be better to consider a sleeping bag with down insulation.

Temperature Ratings

The worst thing that could happen after buying a nice sleeping bag is getting ready to go to sleep and realize that the temperature outside is actually colder than what the sleeping bag is rated for.

To explain, when shopping for sleeping bags, there are two sets of temperature ratings. In the beginning, brands did their own temperature ratings and claim their bag was 20 degrees, whether it was accurate or not. In time, the bag industry worked together and decided (or perhaps consumers demanded it) to create a universal testing method that all brands would follow.

European Norm (EN) vs International Standards Organization (ISO):

Eventually, bag brands now send their bags to an independent test lab that designates the temperature ratings. Lab-tested temperature ratings indicated on tech specs as ISO or EN.

  • EN: European Norm. First “certification” adopted by sleeping bag manufacturers to standardized testing methods and measurements.
  • ISO: International Standards Organization. What EN eventually became. You can use an old sleeping bag with EN rating to compare against a new ISO rated sleeping bag you would like to buy. Because their testing methods are almost the same to EN, both ISO & EN 30 degree bag(s) will feel the same for warmth.
couple buying sleeping bags

Since each of us can run warm or cool, temperature ratings on sleeping bags are similar. Sleeping bags are rated based on cooler sleepers or warmer sleepers.

Comfort vs. Lower Limit Temperature Ratings:

  • Comfort rating is how low and cold it can get at which a cold sleeper might feel pleasant. Brands use this temperature rating on women’s sleeping bags.
  • Lower limit rating (listed lower than comfort rating) specifies the temperature for a warm sleeper may feel comfortable. Brands use this temperature rating on men’s bags.

You need to be aware of the types of conditions you are expecting to camp in and go from there. If you think you will be doing a lot of winter camping, then you should look to get a sleeping bag that withstands colder temperatures.

If the temperature is not as big of a concern, then that could be put a bit down the list of your concerns.

Sleeping Bag Seasons

With some sleeping bags being made for colder temperatures than others, you should understand the different bags made for different seasons. The most popular sleeping bags on the market are both 3 season and 4 season sleeping bags.

3 Season Sleeping Bags

A 3 season sleeping bag are meant for camping during the spring or on more temperate fall nights. Because it is lightweight, it will not protect you against heavy rain or snow as well as a 4 season sleeping bag.

There is also more mesh and ventilation in a 3 season sleeping bag to keep you cooler on warmer nights. This is important to note if you think you may have dew form on you while you sleep or dirt and dust blow around.

As a downside of a 3 season bag, they are not as durable. What’s more, the materials will not easily withstand some weather conditions like snow or heavy winds.

winter sleeping bag

4 Season Sleeping Bags

4 season sleeping bags are meant for winter nights or camping above the treeline where weather conditions are harsher. These sleeping bags will protect you against most weather conditions, such as heavy snow and rain. Indeed, they’re more waterproof and made of better and more durable material to keep you warm.

Conversely, there is less breathability in a 4 season sleeping bag, because there are fewer ventilation pockets and heavier materials that go into the making of it. Still, if you are camping in the dead of winter, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, should you plan to take it out in spring, you may need to be aware that you won’t have as much ventilation throughout the night.

The downside of the 4 season sleeping bag is the weight. Because of the heavier and more durable materials, these bags can weigh between 8 and 16 pounds. Depending on the types of hikes you will be doing, keep this in mind when deciding between the two types.

Sleep Systems- Bag Shapes

Something not many people take into consideration is the shape of the sleeping bag. You may think, well I need a bed, so it should be shaped like one.

That’s not always the best move!

Rectangle Shape Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag; Great for Family Camping

Traditional in shape, rectangular sleeping bags offer the most freedom in movement, but you pay for it in weight and warmth. Surely, you can find a few 0-degree rectangular sleeping bags rated for snowy climate weather but these will be heavy and bulky.

Most people prefer to use rectangular sleeping bags for tent and camper camping for this reason.

Double sleeping bags also fall into the rectangular down sleeping bag category, and like we mentioned earlier, they aren’t great if you’re backpacking in 0-degree weather. Rather, use a 2 person sleeping bag for 3 season camping.

Mummy Shape Sleeping Bags

Big Agnes Torchlight UL (850 DownTek) Sleeping Bag, 20 Degree, Long

Mummy sleeping bags are shaped like their name describes, like an Egyptian mummy. Wider around the shoulders and tapers at the bottom, these are a popular shape because they create less wasted space and trap in more body heat.

Depending on are several factors involving fabric and fill, they can be easier to carry due to their lightweight nature.

Spoon Shape Sleeping Bags

Nemo Riff Womens 15 Long (Rhubarb/Lichen)

Side sleepers will undoubtedly love spoon-shaped sleeping bags. To explain, the design of a spoon-shaped sleeping bag means that its shape contours your body for comfortable side sleeping. Specifically, the shoulders and bottom half of the sleeping bag are wider for those of you who require multiple sleeping positions to be comfortable.

In a similar fashion to the mummy shape bags, you can find ultra-lightweight spoon-shaped sleeping bags for all seasons.

Sleeping Bag Extra Features

Some sleeping bags come with hooded pouches by the head or drawstrings that you can close to keep you warmer. Additionally, others come with sleeping pads or pillows, if you need more comfort to sleep.

You can also consider different colors or sleeping bags that come with pillows so you don’t have to bring your own from home.

Similarly, pay attention to the extra features of each sleeping bag to make sure you are making the best decision.

Double Sleeping Bags Are Just Better for Cozying Up

When you’re out in the wilderness with the person you love, it really puts a damper on the night to go to sleep in separate “beds.” Buying double sleeping bags solves that problem!

Purchasing a double sleeping bag may be confusing at first, so be sure to do your research and choose one that works for your needs! If it’s not going to be too chilly wherever you go, then get a lightweight and less insulated bag.

double wide sleeping bag

If you also want to stay super warm during winter camping, we also have a list of the best winter sleeping bags to keep you and your loved one cozied up and warm! We also have many others, such as the best 6 person tent blog to get you prepared for your awesome camping adventure, so be sure to check those out.

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